776-play Guild

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776-play Guild

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This player had great success storing three Jewel of Unlights. None of the Guild of Elements was eliminated. 33 MPs were earned. Seven Ardan Citadels were tapped. Citadel of Ardor was entered for Cvcc on Turn 24. All the Guild members were in play by Turn 12. Order of the Watcher is useful to reveal sites or cancel AAs. I would have liked to have more turns with three separate companies, only 3 turns as such. Need to wait on using all Guild members early so to allow tapping to support cc from spirit-magic. There was a good flow of turns so enough reasons to tap a site every turn. Weapons had little effect on staying unwounded, but they gave confidence to face strikes.
The jewels were stored at Laurre’s Manor, Ty-ar-rana, and Emyn Dim. Ardan Card Deck was not any use, but I would like to keep it in the deck. The Bracers of Mira will be given to the Court player in exchange for earrings. Featur cannot use the bracers with the card deck. Next game, I will withhold forming the core companies until the second deck so to take more risks with the non-Guild member characters. Three movements did not have a Jungle in the site path.
73 strikes were rolled for this player, which is I think is average. There were 12 body checks killing three. There were a flood of 28 corruption checks. There was no avatar to access the sideboard. Five times did a Guild of Elements used to access the sideboard.
This player face 14 creatures from 68 hazards, but 11 were agent actions. Court played 20 hazards. He played 5 creatures including Mistress. One CvCC was initiated. There were 34 moving companies and 44 total companies. Average hazard limit was 2.9; that is much.
About 107 regions were moved through. 53 regions were Jungle and another 30 Coastal Sea. This was a reason of facing few creatures.
55 hazards were played by Guild, 0 were agents – 19 on Court. Nine creatures were
played on Court. Nine players did not face more than one hazard from Guild.
First deck exhausted on Turn 11. Second deck exhaust on Turn 19. 14 non-Lordhaven sites were tapped. First deck shuffled 10 cards and drew a high 8.3 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 6 cards and drew 12 cards/turn. Third deck ended with 34 in the deck, shuffled 2 cards and drew 8.5 cards/turn.
Fëatur1, only played 2 spirit magic cards.
Laurrë Menelrana, faced 13 strikes and 0 body checks.
Yavëkamba, never played
Rána, would of liked to do more healing.
Huinen, usually playing Marvels Told.
Moran, never played
Morelen, never played
Jewel of Unlight, p16, p19, p22
Bracers of Mira, p01, but not effective. Will switch with Court for Earrings.
Ringlin's Axe, p15
Sword of Talan, p07
Kirlhach, p11
Book of Andraax, p06
Ardan Card Deck, p12
scabbard of chalcedony, p15. Seems useless, but kept in deck.
elven rope
Arrokko, p05, p14.
Ulmodili, played but failed attempt
Elves of Talirân, p02
Ancient Knowledge, p1/4
Walls Behind Walls, p0/3
Order of the Watcher, p3/6
Concealed Entrance, p0/2
Many Turns and Doublings, p6/8
Hiding, p0/2
Marvels Told, p8/8
Pledge of Conduct, p4/4. very useful.
Spying Out the Land, p1/3
Calm-song, p0/2
Poison of His Voice, p1/4
Wit, p0/3
What Have I Got in my Pockets, never played
The Wind is Turning, p7/7
Secret News, p6/7. shuffled x4
Elven Bridge, p3/8
Elven Fortress, p1/7. needed as a hidden site for jewel of Unlight.
Master Healer, t11. Fetched WBHL x2 and Herb-lore x1. Would have liked to use it more.
Herb-lore, p0/2
Warm Now Be Heart and Limb, p2/2
Ordered to Kill, p3/3
Safe From the Shadow, p2/2
Guild of Elements, p06; used 5x to access sideboard as an avatar.
91 cards that started in the deck had 41 discarded from hand. That was average.
5 creatures killed.
Majmun, p2/6
Uvag-aak, 4/8
Slow-fang, p2/5, one killed.
Jungle Demon, p2/7
Cobras, 2/6, one killed.
Old Man Willow, p2/4 with two firewood
The Burden of Time, p1/3
Thrice Told Tales, p4/5
Venomous Sting, p1/7
Full of Froth and Rage, p4/5
Infested Jungles, p1/4
Nature's Revenge, p2/4
Rats!, p3/5
Darkness Under Tree, p2/8
Waiting Shadow, p6/7
Gnaw with Words, p5/5
River, p6/6
New Moon, p4/8
An Unexpected Outpost
Facing Eriador Division, they play 13 hazards. Court played 0 hazards.
T01-All move to Tartaust to play Bracers of Mira. Lucky rolls for the site’s detainment allows the play of the item.
T02-Move to Tauronde to play faction. Elves of Taliran played by Turanar.
T03-Move to Naurlindol. Chill Douser wounds Wood-elf. Another copy gives Shipwright Icy Touch. Woodelf wounded again. Huinen wounded. Ghosts follow with 5 strikes. Huinen wounded and survives corruption check. Shipwright was killed.
T04-Return to haven to heal. Durin’s Folk bothers Turanar, but no effect. Faces of Dead target Wood-elf, but he ignores.
Facing Gondor Division, they play 11 hazards. Court played 0 hazards.
T05-Laurre Menelrana played. Move to Menelcarca. Bring Out Your Dead. Mewlips are a Plague. Many Turns and Doublings confuses the undead. Laurre plays Arrokko. Turanar plays Order of the Watcher.
T06-Move to Laurre’s Manor for wine and cheese. Turanar reads Book of Andraax.
T07-Guild of Elements played. Featur played. Some move to Ithilkir. Others stay. Stirring Bones attack and kill Wood-elf. Order of the Watcher cancels the first AA. Book of Andraax leads to the finding of Sword of Talan.
T08-Elven Bridge helps move; all go to haven.
Facing Wilderland Division, they play 9 hazards. Court played 0 hazards.
T09-Klaen played. Many tapping to support corruption checks with item transfers. No move.
T10-Turanar is discarded. Laurre and Featur move to Gaven. Others stay.
Orc-Guard is killed; both tap.
T11-Rana is played with Master Healer. Huinen and Klaen move to Aurax-Dur. All stay
Gaven entered. Animals and Traps only tap Featur. Laurre plays Kirlhach. (one of the best artwork in the game). Huinen plays Avari.
T12-Eldarion played. Laurre and Featur move to Menelcarca. Huinen and Klaen move to Korlan. Orc-Guard returns and lives. Huinen taps to play Ardan Card Deck. Lucky rolls for combat
(26 strikes had -3 to prowess to stay untapped).
Facing Northern Waste Division, they play 7 hazards. Court played 1 hazards.
T13-Huinen moves to haven. Menelcarca is enteed, but Featur is tapped.
T14-Laurre and Featur stays. Others move to Naurlindol. Giant Spiders wound Huinen. Featur plays Arrokko. Eldarion plays Ringlin’s Axe.
T15-Laurre and Featur move to haven. Others to Three Sisters. Rana plays Scabbard of Chalcedony.
T16-WNBHL played to heal Huinen. Some move to haven, others move to Taurang.
Order of the Watcher cancels first AA. Featur plays Jewel of Unlight. Laurre taps to play Order of the Watcher.
A good amount of 31 MPs earned with 21 cards in playdeck. 5 Game Points earn.
Facing Harad Division, they play 7 hazards. Court played 3 hazards.
T17-All move to Laurre’s Manor. Jewel of Unlight stored there.
T18-Some move to Vog Mur. Others move to haven. Ulmodili found at Vog Mur, but failed to play.
T19-All move to Ithilkir. Elven Bridge played. Lucky rolls at site allow playing Elven Fortress and Jewel of Unlight.
T20-All move to Ty-ar-rana.
Facing Harad Division, they play 1 hazards. Court played 16 hazards.
T21-Jewel of Unlight stored. All move to haven. Waiting Shadow and Gnaw with Words tap elves.
T22-All move to Mirisgroth. Order of the Watcher reveals site. Jewel of Unlight found at site.
T23-Huinen and Klaen move to haven. Others move to Emyn Din. Elven Rope is needed.
Majmum attack but see Many Turns and Doublings.
T24-Eldarion stores Jewel of Unlight. Mallorn-Dweller played. All move to Citadel of Ardor.
Something Has Slipped playe. Mistress of Court of Ardor kills Dweller. Uvag-aak cancelled by Many Turns and Doublings. Rana and Eldarion tapped by site’s automatic-attack. CvCC.
Sulherok almost kills Featur. Klaen wounds Vilwarokko. Laurre slays Khelekar. Huinen kills Sarkarxe. Valmorgul wounds Rana. Valkrist wounds Eldarion.
Game ends with 33 MP and 34 cards in the playdeck. It think that the deck played well. Never did any riddling or played some characters. A second Court player would make things dismal, but give time to riddle instead of playing the jewels.
deck with game results and turn summary
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