752-play Ardagor

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752-play Ardagor

Post by dirhaval » Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:18 am

This player had success playing resources and factions. CvCC took out 5 minions. A bunch of
30 MPs were earned, but no factions killed. A future game with thicker wars will eliminate some
factions. Just two under-deep sites, other than Under-caves, were visited. I would like that to be
more. The deck was fast. Ardagor only rolled for 7 strikes with six in last six turns. It was an
amusing deck with wart-covered trolls fearing no creature. For ten turns, only 3 creatures were
faced. New deck lacks Crept Along Cleverly, used 6x.
Lord Balin was wounded in CvCC. Avatar was played on Turn 6. Six CvCC diminished pool of
characters. Sam Gamgee had a Sack Over the Head. Anguriel and a Dwarven Ring were found.
One border-hold and two-free holds visited – all for CvCC.
100 strikes were rolled for this player with 11 uses of Diversion or Crept Along Cleverly
But 54 strikes rolled for last 7 turns. 17 body checks resulted in seven casualties. Only 22
corruption checks made. The avatar tapped 5x to access the sideboard. Avatar tapped 7x to either
test rings or fetch Warlord’s Lair. Troll-chief faced 17 strikes with 3 body checks.
This player face 16 creatures from 63 hazards, but 3 were agent actions. Balin played 21
hazards. Creatures included Ghouls, Dwarven Warparty, Chill Douser x2, Marsh-drake. There
were 45 moving companies and 60 total companies. Average hazard limit was 2.90; that is high.
About 87 regions were moved through. 68 regions were Wilderness. 4 Shadow-lands and 13
Under-deeps. This was a reason of facing few creatures. Only 11 movements were greater than
two regions. That is shocking.
62 hazards were played by Ardagor, 0 were agents – 12 on Balin.
First deck exhausted on Turn 11. Turn 9 ended with 12 cards in deck. Second deck exhaust on
Turn 20. 17 non-Lordhaven sites were tapped. First deck shuffled 7 cards and drew a low 8.5
cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 5 cards and drew 9 cards/turn. Third deck ended with 24 in the
deck, shuffled 8 cards and drew 13 cards/turn.
Ardagor, surprisingly few rolled strikes. He did not get the dwarven ring until Turn 15. Would of
liked to stay in the under-deeps longer.
Bûrat, played on Turn 16. Saw action. Wounded Gandalf.
Forest-Troll, Finally killed on Turn 22. Faced 12 strikes and had 2 bc. Tied Old Man Willow
with +1 bonus. Killed by facing two strikes from Elves Upon Errantry on the way to cvcc
at Tom’s House.
Troll-chief, power-character rolling 17 strikes and 3 bc.
Ognor, Played twice. Rolled 12 strikes and 3 bc. Able to chop Old Man Willow with +2 bonus.
He wounded Gandalf when wizard faces two strikes.
Tûma, played Turn 16 with Burat. Rolled 8 strikes. Gave strike to Frodo, but Ring cancels.
Wounds Balin during Cvcc with Angurial, but rolls 5.
Dorelas, no chance with 7 body. Lasted 8 turns until CvCC.
Orc Shaman, Played late.
Horseman in the Night, Killed on Turn 18, but after 4 INF attempts and 9 rolled strikes.
Killed by Balin in cvcc.
Troll lout, 15 turn ball of trouble. Rolled 9 strikes. Wounded when killed by Dwarven War Party.
Wûluag, played on Turn 19. Faced 6 strikes. Wounded Eowyn’s Noble Steed.
Old Troll, Lasted 13 turns, rolled 8 turns and 2 bc.
Brutal Retinue, never played.
Brutal Retinue, never played.
Troll Henchman, lasted 2 turns.
game stats and some notes
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