726-play Fankil

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726-play Fankil

Post by dirhaval » Tue Jan 02, 2018 3:52 am

This new avatar’s debut was a success in terms of playing resources and earning MPs. He was the
best new avatar and had 40 MP after Turn 19. But the fan vote uncovered flaws in the avatar. It is true
more needs to be done to bring more flavor to Fankil. May be he can be researched for a place
somewhere east of the Talathant. The avatar was in the Under-deeps in the second half of the game.
He had many 3+ MP cards and in five of the six categories. He had one troll with 12 prowess and
another with 10 prowess along with two 9 prowess allies. However, no CvCC were involved for
Fankil. That is a reason he gained so many MPs. Alatar was focused on dragons; that will change next
time. More hazards wanted to be played; Alatar faced 21 or a third of the hazards.
All the permanent-events for Vaults of Utumno were played. Eagoth was a Game Point card and in
the play deck when the game ended. Another try on this deck would bring that ally into play. Hammer
of the Under-world and Ancient Black Axe helped with defeating the few strikes rolled.
Never or little played: Wild Fell Beast p1/9, Vampire, p0/4, Withered Lands p1/7, Threats p0/7.
Iron Crown, Counterspell p0/3. Panic. Bertok. Threats given to Throkmaw. Alatar killed two Snowtroll
creatures. Elrond killed a Were-wolf.
76 strikes were rolled for this player with 36 strikes rolled for last 6 turns. 14 body checks
resulted in 5 deaths and 1 discard. 10 corruption checks were made. The few strikes is a reason for
great success.
This player face 18 creatures from 71 hazards, but 6 were agent actions.
There were 36 moving companies and 57 total companies. Average hazard limit was 3.3; that is
high. About 54 regions were moved through and 17 under-deep sites moved to.
First deck exhausted on Turn 11. Second deck exhaust on First deck shuffled 14 cards and drew 8.3
cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 6 cards and drew 8.7 cards/turn. Third deck shuffled 5cards and
drew 14 cards/draw. 14 sites were tapped or otherwise used.
Fankil, played on Turn 5. used spirit-magic often. Faced 7 strikes. Played Sulfur-spawn on Turn 22,
but no Sulfur-spawn roll though was made. I wanted to use the ally for a while. I do not know
will get the ally (Throkmaw, Durlach).
Ologong, started, rolled 12 strikes, and 1 bc. Wounded on Turn 1 rolling a 5 on strike. Ended the
game with stat line: 8/10/12/11, 4 cp.
Muranog, played on Turn 11. rolled 5 strikes. Stat line 9/9/10/9, 3 CP.
Bertok, never played.
Ostisen, started. Rolled 3 strikes and 1 bc. Useful as Dwarf-friend for trap attacks at Vaults of
Orc Captain, never played.
Old Troll, Played Turn 2, killed Turn 9. Rolled 8 strikes, killed on lone bc from Nameless Thing.
Hill-troll, played Turn 8, killed next turn from one strike at Elamyu.
Hill-troll, played Turn 14. Rolled 9 strikes and 3 bc.
Goblin-Miner, started, killd on Turn 2. Something Has Slipped and Wounded cost him against
Lar-huz AA.
Ice-Troll, started and killed next turn from only strike faced from Winged Cold-drake
Ice-Troll, played Turn 17, discarded on bc on Turn 22.
Crooked-legged Orc, played Turn 4. Rolled 7 strikes.
Crooked-legged Orc, played Turn 9, Rolled 3 strikes.
Orc Shaman, started and discarded on Turn 9 after facing True Fire-drake. rolled 3 strikes.
Orc Shaman, played Turn 16, killed Turn 23. Rolled 4 strikes.
Eloeklo, played Turn 19. Rolled 3 strikes.
Sulfur, played Turn 22. Rolled 4 strikes.
turn notes and stats for 24 turn game
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