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An old Dragon from the brood of Glaurung has awakened in the North. Treasure and
conquered lands have ever been in his dreams. Now, he will gather the minds of those touched by
Mordo to complete this goal. Caves will become his new home - caves that hold wealth from the
First Age. Thranduil’s Halls of the Thousand Caves is the target.

Being the oldest of the living drakes of the First Age has given Scatha the idea to seek wealth
before his kin awaken and do likewise. Scatha did not know why he awoke from a long slumber,
but he did know that he was the first. Age has not stiffened this agile cold-drake. He quickly
sacked Silverplunge in Mount Gondmaeglom. Such a trove has not quench a thirst for more
treasure. The Eastern Way is under this vigilance for any wagon train. Losrandir, goats, orcs, and
giants compose his diet. The elves not too far south in Mirkwood have been seen more often in
the Narrows. A bite and claw will be their greeting. There must be jewels and gold in their hoard.

Scatha the Worm will build a small army to dominate the Narrows. Conquest is not a goal,
but a strong-hold as his father obtained in Nargothrond. Orc chieftains have come to his banner
along with a sorceress seeking deeper black magic. An item tainted by Morgoth himself will be
sought in the Iron Mountains; Scatha can sense it from afar. May be that is what attracted the
sorceress. There is another great power in the Grey Mountains. A Ring of Power is thought to be
lost when a dwarf king was eaten when Angurth, what a such a waste of scales, took Long Peak.
That can bring much influence to the Dragon-king. But he must watch the sorcerer closely for she
may claim it as her own. Her mind will be bent only towards one that is worthy and powerful.
But first news must be stolen about the elves. Prisoners will be taken from the caves of that
woodland sprite. Secrets will be ripped from any under the eyes of Scatha. Then Smaug the
Golden will be jealous. He has dwarf gold, but Scatha will have gems from the Undying Lands.

Scatha is in the Wilderland Division opposing Thranduil of Mirkwood. Overt minions and
one Dunadan will work for this Dragon-lord. Some unique items including a Dwarven Ring will
be great prizes. Modes include greed, roaming, and hunting. Scatha has a sub-resource strategy of
CvCC to either gain Gathered Bones or influence resources away from rivals.

The hazard deck (spiders and spawn) was taken from Smaug.

What I like about this deck:
First, I will not be eaten for refusing to make this dragon a deck. Always nice.
There is a lot of tactical schemes or focus on opponents. Scatha is vulnerable.
Imagine two White players CvCC this avatar. Bolg, Throkmaw, or Smaug then
sees the chance to finish the dragon. Ulukai of Morgoth can swing several MPs
in favor AND warrant a counter-attack, which Scatha will be ready. I like the
compact use of sites. Three Sages make use of Crack in the Wall nice, but
many region creatures are in Wilderland. I like having a sorcerer, but only
one magic card in deck. I like the dragon-specific cards used for CvCC.
I also like the use of cards to see the hand so to play Targeted for the Hunt (pseudo The Hunt)
and thus eat those pesky creatures like Thranduil's Folk.

What I do not like about the deck:
It is awkward to play spider factions for this player. I like too to visit the Under-deeps for Scatha,
but making the mover rolls is an issue (Crack in the Wall anyone?) There seems too much
going on in the deck, which is a disease in each of the Dragon-lord decks.
new player! first post of deck
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