724-play Durlach

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724-play Durlach

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Durlach gained 30 MPs and missed a slot in the Power Decks. Elves of Evermist gained 31 MP.
Five MPs were lost from CvCC through Throkmaw’s use of Hunters and Slayers. All the characters
were played. The avatar moved to three non-haven sites. Card draw was very good and MP gathering
was at 27 after 16 turns. There were many creatures faced, 30, that caused a few turns sitting at a site.
About a quarter of the moves were in the Under-deeps. I like to have that at 40%. CvCC against
Evermist occurred once. The prison feature is not that much of a burden since many characters will be
killed during the first deck and Dulrach is not expected to move. Master of Dread and Fear’s +5 GI is
highly useful. Hazard play was mixed. 106 draws were made from the starting cards and 39 were
discarded from hand. Only two hero players did not face a hazard from Durlach.
Three CvCC were enjoyed. 13 Hoard Points were stored. A Roused dragon was played early, but
visited soon by Gandalf with his grey form. The game flowed well. Use of Prison’s Spell is
Fading was acceptable. Prone to Violence was played by Durlach, which caused failure.
99 strikes were rolled for this player with 37 strikes rolled for last 8 turns. 18 body checks
resulted in 7 deaths and 2 discard. Two were taken prisoner. 13 corruption checks were made.
Agog was never wounded and rolled 26 strikes. No other character had more than 10.
This player faced 30 creatures from 70 hazards, but 4 were agent actions. There were 44 moving
companies and 66 total companies. Average hazard limit was 4.3 (first move HL); that is high.
About 72 movements were made including 19 Under-deep movements and through 18
Wildernesses, 10 Double Wildernesses, and 23 Shadow-lands. Creatures faced were of many
kinds, but 9 were dragons/drakes. He had 39 site phases at a haven. 18 were at Ruins, 1 Lair and
8 Shadow-holds.
First deck exhausted on Turn 11. Second deck exhaust on 18. First deck shuffled 8.1 cards and
drew 11 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 11 cards and drew 12 cards/turn. Third deck shuffled 7
cards and drew 12 cards/draw. The game ended with 15 cards in the play deck. 17 sites were
tapped or otherwise used. Six of those sites were in the Under-deeps (Maze, Cobalt, Grottos,
Vaults, Pits, Remains). The first under-deeps site to tap occurred on Turn 12. The updated deck
also has Durlach first moving at this time. Therefore, removing movement restrictions is not that
turn notes and stats
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