736-play Hoarmurath

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736-play Hoarmurath

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Hoarmûrath earned 29 MPs – two more than his opponent Lord Denethor. Only allies were not in
his MP pile. He tied for 7th among the Ringwraiths. The many CvCCs in the last few turns lost
him some points. Eleven CvCC against White Players were made including desperate assaults
at Edoras and Dunharrow late in the game. His main purpose was to influence factions, which
only five were played. He killed four hero players in CvCC. He lost five characters to body
checks and a few more were discarded on body checks. A good amount of sites were tapped – 16.
Some resources were no use until the third deck (Sneakin, White MCW, HIDP). Hazards were
simple to play with high playability. Only 3 Undead creatures killed. A large pile of strikes
rolled. Those each characters like Horse-lords will do that and give another reason to avoid the
Anduin River and use Geann a-Lisch. Many regions were used. Card flow was poor for the
second deck. The avatar was played on Turn 6; that penalized this player. Turn 5 started with 45
cards in the deck. So half drawn and no Ringwraith in hand. Again, another reason to use onguard
at much as possible so you can draw the avatar and thus allow a squatting company to
receive an on-guard card.
Burned and Chopped Up was played on Turn 11. 14 strikes were rolled that turn. Six minions
went to Minas Tirith with Blasting Fire. Now, Lord Denethor had Lost in Free-Domains in hand
against both companies but Elrond had to play hazards instead to passing the hazard limit.
Snuffler was discarded after the event’s first attack. Where There's a Whip untapped four Orcs to
handle the remaining strikes. Denethor did not CvCC on his next turn. Turn 2 was bad for this
player through two Orcs discarded on body checks and Orc-Captain killed. Good news was
Gorbag was in hand. Six “hostile” sites visited = west of Anduin River.
A large pile of 137 strikes rolled including 56 in last 7 turns. 19 body checks gave 5 deaths and 4
discards. Only 4 corruption checks were made. Only Gorfaur and the Ringwraith did not roll a
body check. Five characters rolled for 10+ strikes not including Gorfaur’s 27, the most of the
three Lieutenants. Only Dwarf avatar/Dom rolled more strikes at this point in the analysis.
This player faced 30 creatures from 70 hazards, but 1 was agent actions. Half of the turns faced
no creatures. Free Peoples creatures counted to 17 including Gondorian Rangers x2 (one was
killed) and Sons of Kings x4. Two creatures were Undead and 4 were Ash-drake.
There were 45 moving companies and 61 total companies. 34 of the movements were 3+ regions.
Average hazard limit was 2.5, which is average. About 136 regions used including 27
Wildernesses, 48 Shadow-lands, and 45 Dark-Domains. He had 61 site phases including 24 at a
Darkhaven, 8 Ruins & Lairs, and 16 Dark-holds.
First deck exhausted on Turn 11. Second deck exhaust on 18. First deck shuffled 11 cards and
drew 8.8 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 7 cards and drew 10 cards/turn. The game ended with
30 cards in the play deck. 16 sites were tapped or otherwise used.
CVCC play
The visit into Mordor by the White Players in the middle of the game was like a wrapped gift
with a bow. Gorbag put Ingold on No Better Use, and then killed that character at Mountains of
Mirkwood. Grishnákh gave Bergil Endless Whispers during that same cVCC. Hoarmûrath with
Creature of an Older World visited Éowyn and two others. The Ringwraith wounded Hama, but
Éowyn wounded the ally.
The next turn Gothmog quashed Anborn, but Faramir dispatched Lagdug with a two-handed
swing. Ufthak wounded Beregond. The overts visited Denethor the following turn at Cirith
Ungol. Gothmog wounds Bergil. Boromir wounds Radbug and Hurin wounds Ufthak, which
both combats lost by one. The following turn the Ringwraith visits Southern Oasis to handle
Halbarad of the North, Gilraen, and that Lindion ally. Escape is played. Someone would have
Gorbag and gang visit Tolfalas to harass some hobbits. Again Escape is made wounding Sam.
These Orcs continue westward to target Éowyn. They do so at Wose-Passage Hold. Grishnákh
has The Gwaedhel-Sword charging her. Snaga goes after her wounded Noble Steed. Snaga
mortally wounds the horse. Éowyn is dismounted, but recovers. She parries then counters with a
stroke that kills the Orc. 6pv5p. This allows her to continue to Bag End where she nearly slays
the The Witch-King. Some turns later these Orcs enter Edoras at night to combat Denethor’s
men, which all are untapped and the Orcs are tapped. Angbor plays Many Foes He Fought to face
all three Orcs. Snaga with the sword kills the dunadan in the mead hall.
Gothmog goes to Cirith Ungol in an attempt to capture Faramir. He wounds Faramir only.
Thranduil King enters Dol Guldur on the last turn. Gothmog and four Orcs visit there. Gothmog
wounds the elf-king. Radbug ties Greenwood. Shaman kills Mallorn-Dweller. Snuffler wounds
Woodelf. Quickbeam branches Brawler but does not kill. Theoden attacks and discards Ufthak.
turn notes with stats
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