735-play Akhorahil

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735-play Akhorahil

Post by dirhaval » Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:04 pm

Akhôrahil gained 34 MPs. He won fourth place among the RWs. He was one MP behind Adûnaphel, when I can see this player doing something to get ahead such as using AMWH to kill a minion player. Many magic cards were played. No major character was eliminated.
Aware of Their Ways was a problem. The Ringwraith was limited and went to play The Kuileondo. Faster Than the Winds added to save turns. He moved to Benish Armon for the item and to Tul Isra for CvCC.
One magic ring was not played due to slow card draw. Agents were successful. Pallando was walloped at the end with a repeating shadow-magic cannon.
I felt chained with the deck with few, weak companies with creatures clogging the hand. Only eight creatures were played. There was one true CvCC. If I can get all three magic rings in play by Turn 16, then Pallando will be swept under the sand.
Three factions were played. Visi killed Siryan and Nar’s Folk. Half-trolls were discarded I think from News of Doom. They did kill Dwarves of Mablad_Dum, but Endurance of Stone keeps them alive.
Magic cards were played 32x including Channels of Chey & AMWH thrice. Relin II was killed on turn 24 discarding Southern Hammer. Channels of Chey kills Jamir. PDBW fails on Ûrezîr.
Akhôrahil entered Tul Isra as Fell Rider on Turn 7 against three tapped hero characters. He wounds Peshtin. Tabaya Kas attacks the minions at Hau Nyrsrin. He wounds poor Sangahyando.
Seek Without Success sends Tabaya Kas back to Bozisha-Dar where AMWH fails, but Channels of Chey does the work with 21 mind of magic-users tapping.
A small pile of 70 strikes rolled including 27 in last 8 turns. 11 turns had zero or one rolled strike. 7 body checks gave 0 deaths and 1 discard. Angulion rolled 18 strikes with 2 bc. Sangahyando rolled 15 strikes and 3 bc. There were 26 cc. I would say 18 from magic, so Emerald of Unlight helped with 14 uses for magic. Ciryaher rolled no strikes.
This player faced 14 creatures from 58 hazards, but 7 were agent actions.
There were 31 moving companies and 63 total companies. 10 of the movements were 4+ regions.
Half of movements had a Desert. Average hazard limit was 2.5, which is average. About 104 regions used including 23 Wildernesses, 16 Deserts, 27 Shadow-lands, and 21 Border-lands.
He had 63 site phases including 20 at a Darkhaven, 8 Ruins & Lairs, and 7 Border-holds. Visits to Free-holds were only for bothering Pallando.
First deck exhausted on Turn 12. Second deck exhaust on 20. First deck shuffled 7 cards and
drew 7.8 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 8 cards and drew 11 cards/turn. The game ended with
59 cards in the play deck. 13 sites were tapped or used.
Five agents roamed Middle-earth. Jaeru stayed along the Great Desert. He played Seek Without Success on Turns 21 & 22. Juoma stayed near Withered Hearth, and then moved Eriador where he is killed by Wood-elf at Dead Man’s Dike. Sakalthor moves up to Bandit Lair, but was no use. Herion stayed near Gap of Isen until Turn 12. Then he moves to Eriador using Cunning Foes to wound Mallorn-Dweller. Punakasi uses Nobody’s Friend to reach Sarul. He does play Undead at Hyvat Kalat.
MR.Weals tapped 6x, had 7x unuses
MR.Delusion tapped 3x, had 1x unuses.
The only Shadow-magic event to be used before Turn 20 was Deeper Shadow and Well-preserved. Govern the Storm seemed useless.
With the logic of only allowing an agent to bother a player in the current turn taking effect in the next game, I may exchange agents that are closer to the player’s home territory for fast travel back to that area for trouble during the Warlord Phase.
turn notes and summary
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