737-play Adunaphel

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737-play Adunaphel

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Adûnaphel gained 35 MPs. She won third place among the RWs. She was one MP behind Indûr. Many faction battles littered the landscape with bodies and war gear. Six characters found their end. The Ringwraith was active and useful moving to four non-Darkhaven sites.
I felt weak with this player with the fragile characters. Belegorn is screaming for a body check.
There was some changes for the new deck including removing Crept Along Cleverly, but that was used twice. Magic Ring of Savagery will replace Fury. Some factions moved south to Chennacatt before returning north. Two factions were killed. Another was killed, but it was the hero manifestation. The agents were useful. Overall, I like the deck, but it can be stronger. GI must be managed better, which is why Golodhros is no longer in the deck. A stronger Prince Imrahil can wreck the northern company.
Five of the factions played. Two were killed and another influenced away. Four special rings gave 8 MPs. The DI boosters provided another 10 MPs. Heralded Lord was played thrice helping to play two factions and making a failed influence attempt against a hero manifestation. Three CvCC were initiated in the last four turns with one defended. No creature was played more than 3x. Half of the body checks assessed death. It seemed slow the first deck exhausting on Turn 11. There was a single non-RW moving company until Turn 9. The avatar appeared on Turn 4.
A small pile of 72 strikes rolled including 34 in last 8 turns. 12 body checks gave 6 deaths and 0 discard. Four deaths happened when the victim rolled his first body check. Only Goldohros and Angamaitë rolled more than 9 strikes; they rolled a third of all strikes. Golodhros made 14 cc.
There were 38 cc and 14 magic cards used.
This player faced 22 creatures from 61 hazards, but 4 were agent actions.
There were 39 moving companies and 59 total companies. 10 of the movements were 5+ regions.
Only three movements had no Wilderness or Shadow-lands. Average hazard limit was 2.5, which is average. About 167 regions used including 46 Wildernesses, 18/6 Deserts, 36 Shadow-lands, and 35 Border-lands.
He had 59 site phases including 25 at a Darkhaven, 6 Ruins & Lairs, and 21 Border-holds. He moved to 5 Free-holds. He moved to the most Free-holds besides the Necromancer and the second most Border-holds behind Ûvatha. He visited the lowest sum of Ruins, Lairs, Shadow-holds and Dark-holds at the value of 8.
First deck exhausted on Turn 11. Second deck exhaust on 19. First deck shuffled 7 cards and
drew 8.5 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 6 cards and drew 10 cards/turn. The game ended with
35 cards in the play deck. 13 sites were tapped or used.
Two agents roamed Middle-earth. Pôn-ora-Pôn roamed the Anduin Vales for a while. Then
moved to Eriador, then to Gondor. He attacked and killed Duinhir at Setamaenen. The following turn Vidugavia played Hidden Knife with Were-wolf. The Wose died. On-Eno stayed at his home site until he moved to Bur Esmer. Ûrezîr killed the Wose.
MR.Delusion tapped 1x, had 0x unuses.
The first combat happened on Turn 20. Prince Imrahil, Argirion and a wounded Golasgil were at Umbar. Pharacas and Dâiruzôr moved there from Osgiliath. No creatures played. Neither minion tapped from the AA. Pharacas wounded Golasgil. Dâiruzôr kills Argirion. The heroes stay there. Golodhros and Angamaitë joins the other two for another combat. A Calm-song Sloth-bear taps Angamaitë, while the magic cc taps Golodhros. Minions used ropes and Grapnel to climb the walls. Skill Was Their Knighthood though is played. Angamaitë charges Mariner and wounds the hero. Pharacas strikes at the other Mariner, but the blow is parried. Ûrezîr flanks a tired Angamaitë and wounds the renegade. A wounded Golasgil finds hidden valour to parry Golodhros’s strike. Some turns later, three minions go to Linhir to find two 7-body Dúnadan for Lord Denethor. The AA taps no one taking a -3 penalty. Boromir though is untapped with Mariner supports him. Golodhros and Boromir roll 3 and tie. Angamaitë kills Hirgon with ease.
Prince Imrahil seeks revenge the following turn. The avatar kills Mariner by having a delta of 10 for +2 to body check. Golasgil is nearly killed by Golodhros.
T17. Faction Battle in Chennacatt.
Umbarean Corsairs (Black Num+Boz) v. Dwarves
Corsairs, 10p+2sup+6roll=18
Dwarves, 9p-2w+6roll=13, bc.+1.w+1.delta5+11roll=13.
Endurance of Stone, 8roll=eliminated.
T19. Faction Battle in Seznebab
Corsairs, 10p+10roll=20
mCiryatanire, 10p-1t+9roll=18, wounded. Bc.12=killed
Numenoreans, 10p+9roll=19
Blackflame, 9p-2w+9roll=16, wounded. Bc.8+1w=9, killed
Bozishnarod, 7p+5roll=12, wounded, bc.7=killed.
Nar, 7p-2w+11roll=16
turn notes and states
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