734-play Indur

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734-play Indur

Post by dirhaval » Sat Feb 03, 2018 5:31 pm

Indûr gained 36 MPs. He won second place among the RWs. There is enough influence to play 4
MP of characters. No MPs are earned for killing factions. Four characters found their end. Only
one faction was killed. Magri was not played and Hathorians was played late. I felt burdened by
the weak, covert company surrounded by menacing automatic-attacks. MPs were steadily gained.
Above the Abyss was the only useless resource card. The Ringwraith tapped 6x to use his ability
to fetch a magic card. 14 magic events were played. I liked that quantity. The Ringwraith did not
move to a non-haven site until Turn10. he played Mumakil Traders, an ally, a faction. He killed
Khandash at dawn inside Baruzimabûl. Then whisked away upon a Sudden Call. The
Mûmakanril faction was threatened early, but soon was invincible. Keeping it alone for a turn
was the faction’s only enemy. That faction was not played until Turn 14; Indûr played Oliphaunt
on the prior turn.
Pharabâs entered. AA1-dunedain.3s8p
Riven Gate is played to cancel AA.
Indur makes an INF attempt on Mûmakaniril (Mûmakani)
Words of Menace and Deceit is played.
+5.di+5.res+2.mod(RW)-3.mod(overt)+2.gate+6roll=17>14, pass. Taps the site.
Cards were slow, but many sites were used. A dedicated hero company attacking covert minions
can shock this deck. Some slayer creatures were dead weight. Better hand management will
change that. Magic Ring of Delusions was tapped just once. The good news is that with Not Slay
Needlessly being reduced in the deck Calm-Song can fill the gap. A spirit-mage did not bear the
magic ring until Turn 18. CvCC against Pallando or Valdacli was profitable.
The avatar appeared on Turn 1. Turn non-RW companies were formed on Turn 9. Burdîlgoth
was played on Turn 20. Turn 16 had two CvCC: Indûr at a dwarf-hold and overts at Lond
Anarion. Hargrog wounds Adrazar. Savak ties Noble Hound. Then Valdacli attacks the coverts at
Arhazûn-Tarîk. Leärdionoth wounds Arthrazoc, but Daroc slays Bewac.
A average pile of 120 strikes rolled including 63 in last 8 turns. 12 body checks gave 4 deaths
and 0 discard. Four characters rolled 10 or more strikes. Hargrog rolled the second highest ever at
the sum of 30 with no body checks, with a prowess never higher than 9. There were 39 cc and 15
magic cards used.
This player faced 23 creatures from 63 hazards, but 2 were agent actions.
There were 43 moving companies and 57 total companies. 6 of the movements were 5+ regions.
Average hazard limit was 2.8, which is average. About 134 regions used including 46
Wildernesses, 39 Jungle, 4 Deserts, 28 Shadow-lands, and 12 Border-lands.
He had 57 site phases including 28 at a Darkhaven, 9 Ruins & Lairs, and 10 Border-holds. He
moved to 5 Free-holds. He moved to the most Free-holds besides the Necromancer.
First deck exhausted on Turn 11. Second deck exhaust on 20. First deck shuffled 9 cards and
drew 7.9 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 5 cards and drew 9.1 cards/turn. The game ended with
36 cards in the play deck. 19 sites were tapped or used.
Ulrith as the only agent. She had no effect. I might use Slucrac instead.
MR.Delusion tapped 1x, had 1x unuses.
turn notes and stats
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