755-play Court

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755-play Court

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20 minion player stats at end of file.
Court of Ardor earned 21 MPs while losing 8MPs and Jewel of Unlight on the last turn. Instead of place 5 of 5 for the grey, Necromancer, and Court players. Eight elves were eliminated leaving just a few to make corruption checks at the end. It was risky moving the low prowess minions. Crebain tapped two. Only three region types were moved through for the last seven turns and that helped hide from creatures. 15 magic cards were played with some helping stay unwounded. Not many hazards were played with just 11 creature cards played.
There were many turns with tapped characters starting the site phase. Cards were slow, but many sites were used. All but 15 sites were not Shadow-holds (14-Citadel, 7-Taurang, 7-Ithilkir, 7-Menelcarca, 7-Mirisgoroth, 4-Engkir, 3-Naurlindol, 1-Tirgoroth.) Three guild items were not played along with two animal factions.
The new The Darin Tesarath resource event helping play guild items at Border-holds was used. The Ardan Card Deck was not played, but could be needed for the council corruption checks. There were many holes in the deck, which is how I am thinking of adding two Court of Ardor players. Stay tuned.
[Note: I modified this deck a little mid-game to suit it better with home sites. Thus, Mornaur was replaced with Silion and Sirnaur with Taurion. Magic use was affected too with The Tormented Earth replaced with Well-preserved. The ore card and another card replaced by Local Hospitality. I am having trouble healing these elves. Also one of the Gleaming Gold Rings will be replaced by a Bright Gold Ring due to available ring sites; I want to avoid tapping the same site by players throughout the game.]
Two dragon creatures attacked before Turn 5 was reached. One ring test was useless. Guild of Elements CvCC on the last turn. That was a surprise with dire results. Six hero elves came out of the lagoon with two Arrokko. All were tapped with Huinen wounded after facing the AA. Something Has Slipped had been triggered. Waiting were four wounded Dark Elves, tapped Falcon, and untapped Sulherok on his Vilwarokko. Kirlach untaps Laurre. Sulherok sees the elf that has tricked them – Featur. Such was the fury that Featur lost by 14, but had a 5 body check. Klaen though was ready and wounded Vilwarokko. Next, Laurre spotted the Court member Khelekar killing him easily. A wounded Sarkarxe faced a wounded Huinen, but the Dark Elf was no match (0 v -1) dying on a 12 roll bc. Valmorgul targeted the weak Rana and wounded her. Valkrist selected a tougher target and wounded Eldarion. A Jewel of Unlight was transferred to Sulherok giving him 7 CPs; he failed his council cc by five.
An average pile of 114 strikes rolled including 53 in last 8 turns. 24 body checks gave 8 deaths
and 0 discard. Five characters rolled 10 or more strikes. Every character was wounded. Valkrist rolled the most strikes at 20. There were 26 corruption checks with Ardaron making almost half of the checks.
This player faced 30 creatures from 83 hazards, but 5 were agent actions.
There were 43 moving companies and 65 total companies. 8 of the movements were 4 regions.
Average hazard limit was 2.6, which is average. About 114 regions used including 21
Wildernesses, 44 Jungle, 8 Shadow-lands, and 32 Coastal Seas. Only one movement had no Jungles or Coastal Seas – Tautrast.
He had 65 site phases including 50 at Shadow-holds, 2 Ruins & Lairs, and 7 Border-holds. He
moved to 6 Free-holds. He moved to the most Free-holds besides the Necromancer.
First deck exhausted on Turn 11. Second deck exhaust on 20. First deck shuffled 8 cards and
drew 8.2 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 9 cards and drew 10 cards/turn. The game ended with
54 cards in the play deck. 15 sites were tapped or used including six of the nine Citadels.
My Precious did not do much. I was concern with him being close to Lord Thrain and his dwarven ring.
turn notes and stats
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