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Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:20 am
by dirhaval
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This player will be tricky to include into FATE, but I think it can happen. Even if this player is not used, I had fun making the player. Such a player needs flexibility from the rules. This player has a narrow strategy: Move to gain 16 MPs for no region movement restriction. Follow Ringbearer to steal the One Ring at an opportune time. That will mean to hide-out in Dagorlad. I wanted to limit new cards < 5. This player definitely needs to be play-tested extensively.
Note: I do not want it to be much harder for the heroes to play Gollum than it will be with Sméagol as a player. This will save Gandalf a trip to a dangerous site to play (i.e. Goblin’s Gate) to play Gollum and almost guarantee that he can play Gollum after attacking Sméagol near Mordor and for the minions to not have Stinker in play. In this case, the minions do not want to play Stinker. Gandalf will then rarely if ever have Gollum’s scout skill and canceling ability.

My mind is now fixed that there will be no other players beyond the 41 count so no second Court of Ardor player or avatar-less hero in the Uttersouth besides the Valdacli.

Unique creature/events are now included but for event purposes only. This avatar does have an elf character to help him. You never know what you find under the roots of mountains.