261-Practice War

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261-Practice War

Post by dirhaval » Tue Jun 12, 2018 5:20 pm

The guidelines for the example 40-avatar faction war is to gauge
how the order of faction play sways power in a territory and
if enjoyment can be obtained by avoiding an overwhelming unbalance
in a territory when one alignment manages to play factions quicker.

First, only factions will be used. Thus, no characters or faction-war
events are not used. I will provide a list of decks with faction-war
resources. Avoiding other cards will help know what events should
be included. I will have the minion factions avoid hero havens
in a favor of moving elsewhere for battle. Mordor too can be avoided by
hero companies unless minion factions hide there.

Second, I will take notes and separate each expected battle-area
game notes. Factions are not expected to move great distances
to another battle-area.

I like for readers to gauge how factions on the move (in regions, not at sites)
may hinder characters. Maybe, a company cannot move through a region with faction(s)
if sum of character MPs is not greater than sum of faction MPs, else tap at start
of movement/hazard phase? Any benefit like this for factions will entice their
use outside of sites (garrisoned or normal faction use in the MP pile).

Please remember that non-faction war cards on factions will be discarded when the faction
moves away (no longer garrisoned) from the site. Movement will discard the card, but
make vulnerable the faction to attack (e.g. Riders of Rohan to Rohan is vulnerable to a Troll faction in Enedhwaith or Brown Lands)

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