241-War on the Tundra

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241-War on the Tundra

Post by dirhaval »

Servants of Morgoth have stirred from long sleep. Yet, their hunger for domination
has not been weaken by time. A balrog and three dragons have ambitions to rule
the North and seep southwards into new realms.

The Northern Waste Division minions will gather troops for war, protection or both.
Each of the four minion avatars has two or three dragon/drake factions

Here are the strategies.
Durlach is the least interested in faction wars. His Orcs are mainly there for MPs.
Ice-Drakes and Gondring are there to slow the Elves of Evermist.

Smaug too is not that interest in faction wars - yet. Ando-anca and Daelomin
guard his northern and western flanks. Enslaved Dwarves will not leave the site.

Lomaw has threefighting factions. This Ice-dragon will eventually move his
factions eastward during the Power decks. Alatar will try to stop him.
Lomaw's and Throkmaw's factions will battle if either threatens taking a slot
for the Power decks.

Throkmaw will gather four Orc factions. They are worth many MP from the play
of Orcs of His Dominions. Therefore, initiating battles will be discouraged.

4__Durlach---Gondring Roused
16__Durlach---Ice-drakes of the Ered Úmarth
18__Durlach---Orcs of the Bleak Mountains
16__Lomaw---Wargs of the Tundra
20__Lomaw---Orcs of the Barl Syrnac
20__Lomaw---Angurth Roused
20__Lomaw---Gostir Roused
22__Lomaw---Northern Wyrms
5__Thorkmaw---A Few Recruits
8__Thorkmaw---A Few Recruits
14__Thorkmaw---Canadras Roused
18__Thorkmaw---Khuzadrepa Roused
19__Thorkmaw---Orcs of the Claw
12__Smaug---Enslaved Dwarves
17__Smaug---Daelomin Roused
18__Smaug---Ando-anca Roused

Three hero avatars from the Northern Waste Division have useful factions.
With the unlikely battling against minions during the Avatar decks, some
hero factions may move into Eriador supporting that group. As of now,
the minions in Eriador have 96 FN of faction strength and the heroes 64.
Four of Elves of Everminst factions plus Berninga moving south will
balance that comparison.

Alatar can move his lone faction, Berninga, three regions to Forochel
ready to fight on the next turn.
[thinking now to tap a faction after it moves 3 regions]

Elves of Evermist will keep the elf faction at Evermist to untap the Keeper of the House.
But Aerfaroth, Helechoth, Lossidil, and Lossoth can move south to Forochel ready
to pounce on minion factions. There may all stay in that region as a threat to Angmar.
However, I want though to move Lossidil with the group using its 9 FN.

Dain has two factions, Iron HIll Dwarves, and Ironfists. Dain will likely keep both out
of the fray. IHD can reach Lhugdalf and Talath Oiohelka to battle a weak orc faction.
Both factions can reach Harrhun if minion man factions gather there trying to reach Dorwinion in one move.
Ironfists can reach Nuriag, but it will not face a weaker man faction.
Thus, Dain will only fight if he is assured complete victory since he needs his factions to
use Strength from the Ered Engrin. Battles may be avoided until late when dragons are almost extinct.

3__Dain---Iron Hill Dwarves
22__Elves---Elves of Evermist

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Re: 241-War on the Tundra

Post by dirhaval »

The practice wars have ended. I am posting the results to the forum.

These avatars need their faction MPs, thus no battles during the Avatar Deck.]
Evermist can keep his factions safe; can battle during the Power Decks if a Dragon-lord is too much for the three dwarf factions (FoD,RE,IHD). Thus, do not expect battles in this territory during the Avatar Decks.

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