245-War in the Vale

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245-War in the Vale

Post by dirhaval » Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:30 pm

Sauron needs to remove resistance to the invasion of Lothlorien.
Settlements of Free Peoples are found in the Anduin Vales.
They must be banished before the major war. Azog, Khamual, and Uvatha
will supply troops to attack Radagast and Lady Galadriel.
The Free Peoples need to vanquished minion faction that moves into High Pass, Anduin Vales,
Wold & Foothills, Redhorn Gate, or Fangorn.

Minions have a 57:30 FN advantage, but heroes have animal factions to tap minion factions.
[I may extend that new tapping rule to "ranger" factions including Grimburz but only to tap non-plant/animal factions]
Folk of Durin may come down to aid and Eriadorian factions may cross the Misty Mountains to battle.
The Heroes want to battle in the Anduin Vales so to use The Great Eagles and Hive factions to tap factions.
Then after the first battle move to Wold & Foothills baiting a chase. Next, Positively Hasty is dialed.

Here are the strategies.
Azog is the vanguard of this front. Army of Bats will provide tapping the 9 FN Beornings.
4 Orc factions then will battle Woodmen, Beornings, and Bears of the Carrock. Snaga-hai
is the bait to deal with one faction. Goblins of Goblin-Gate, Grey Mountain Goblins,
and Orcs of Gundabad will squre with the three hero factions. The GGG and Orcs are Heavy Infantry.
This avatar will also play two dragon factions: Bairanax & Corlagon. No word yet how these factions
can battle outside their home regions, even if I want that. Both are flying.

Khamual has three factions. He will likely not fight with them. Grimburz are valuable for other reasons.
That faction will be played at Hermit's Hill, thus hurt hero factions escaping to that region.
Beasts of the Wood will be played in Fangorn; not that useful but it can't hurt.
Crebain of Dunland will not be battling or tapping to tap factions, but may be targeting by hero flying factions.

Uvatha will send two factions westward - Balchoth and Nuriags. Both have nice FN. It will take two turns for them
to reach Southern Mirkwood.

Avoid battling in Mirkwood; let Thranduil and Scatha have that field.

2__Azog---Anduin---Orcs of Dol Guldur
5__Azog---Anduin---Army of Bats
5__Azog---Anduin---Goblins of Goblin-gate
15__Azog---Anduin---Orcs of Gundabad
16__Azog---Anduin---Grey Mountain Goblins
20__Azog---Anduin---Corlagon Roused
21__Azog---Anduin---Bairanax Roused
X__Khamual---Anduin---Beasts of the Wood
X__Khamual---Anduin---Crebain from Dunland

Only Radagast and Lady Galadriel stand against two Ringwraiths and an Orc-Lord.
Galadriel has Elves of Lothlorien and Bears of the Carrock. Move the Bears to Beornings House if that
man faction is in play. Else move into Wold & Foothills. Both factions are Heavy Infantry.

Radagast has six factions, but only two will battle in this war. Beornings and Woodmen will
move to the same site in Anduin Vales or Wold & Foothills. They will not engage until attack.
You want to join forces so to allow Ents of Fangorn to battle.
Three animal factions will help tap enemy factions. Hives and The Great Eagles can tap 4 factions
every turn. This will give an edge in battle. Eagle-watch is the lonely faction. Think about moving it
to kill Army of Bats, then to its other playable site - Isildur's Tomb. There that faction can kill
Crebain from Dunland - chase them around Middle-Earth or stay at the Tomb to tap minion factions
moving through Enedhwaith.

Lord Thorin may use his Returned Exiles if played in Grey Mountains, which is adjacent to Anduin Vales.
That would be vicious if that faction and Folk of Durin converge on the same turn.

10__Galadriel---Anduin---Elves of Lothlórien
18__Galadriel---Anduin---Bears of the Carrock
13__RADAGAST---Anduin---Ents of Fangorn
17__RADAGAST---Anduin---The Great Eagles

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Re: 245-War in the Vale

Post by dirhaval » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:02 pm

Felagrog can get his factions to Redhorn Gate in three turns from Ered Lithui. Might play A Few Recuits at that site in Ered Ormal so to move to mountains regions. This practice war had no factions in Rhun to slow these Orc factions moving towards Mordor.
Not many factions are in Wilderland to be around for much batteling during the Power decks. Thranduil was cautious so to be ready for Scatha. Scatha will likely not battle. Then should Thranduil preempt battle with Scatha to push that avatar out of a Power deck slot? This issue was a major factor to have The Mouth as an avatar.

Radagast has Beornings and Woodmen. Bolg should dispatch them. There could then be some battling for the Power decks, but help should be gotten from Mordor and Rhun. Having Great Eagles for Radagast and the bear faction for Galadriel is a weak link for hereos.
Thrain will have Folk of Durin, which should be ready to fight for Lorien or Rivendell. Iron Hill Dwarves and Returned Exiles will battle the Grey Player factions in the Northern Waste.

Thought about those ambush factions (e.g. ranger, animal, undead,plant) and boosting FN and body to high values. Army of Bats 7 body and 9 prowess, but those stats are only use for “ambush battles”. Think of it as Dragon a Hunt attacks of one strike against a faction in that region. Thus, Rangers of the North just do not tap to automatic tap another, but during movement Rangers have a detainment attack of one strike against said faction? But if Rangers need to make a body check, then they can be killed else stay wounded. Because I do not want these ambush factions battling unless with each other. A same alignment ambush faction will instead face the ambush attack treating like a regular battle, but during the movement phase.

12 battles happened with this group with 2 killed on both alignments. Bolg did not battle until three Orc factions were available. Thranduil and Vidugavia sent factions to help causing Bolg to only initiate battles twice.
Gundabad battled Beornings; they tied. Radagast retaliated that turn. No healing was performed on the next turn. Bolg was busy getting Hurog into play else GMG would have been healed. There was another tie; that is two ties in six battles. Beornings were killed on the second turn of battles by Gundabad. Woodmen were lucky by rolling 2 on a body check. Radagast moves Woodmen to Wold & Foothills, but Vidugavia moves in Men of NR and Dorwinion wounding GGG. Men of NR were killed by Gundabad. Thranduil sent in Wood-elves and Men of Lake-town killing Gundabad. Bolg then sends Bats and GMG to Southern Mirkwood.

The minions failed by having a non-positive trade, but Beornings were killed. Yet, Orcs of Gundabad too were killed. Failing to play Snaga-hai I think could have helped Bolg greatly tapping a hero faction so to have Bolg select targets.

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