246-War Under Trees

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246-War Under Trees

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Mirkwood has less wholesome since the coming of the Necromancer.
Yet, that power is not interested yet in the Free Peoples under its leaves.
Elves and Men depend on that wood for protection or commerce.

Only Scatha the Worm now has his mind bent on conquering Mirkwood.
He will use spiders, orcs and trolls to rid the wood of men and elves
strengthening his might before action is taken on Smaug the Golden.
In addition, the Dragonlord needs to force Thranduil of Mirkwood
to spend time playing factions instead of hunting dragons. It is a risk
for Scatha to lose factions MPs, but you need to weaken the hero
factions before the Power Decks. Then you can play
Beornmings, Woodmen, Grey Mountain Goblins, and maybe other
orc factions of the North.

Enough factions are needed to dispatch the Wood-elves.
Orcs of Mrikwood has a normal 7 FN. Spiders of Mirkwood has 8 FN.
Lesser Brood will be the pawn. Snow Trolls has the highest FN at 9.
The trolls are needed to battle the Woodelves inside their home region.
Two dragon factions are included: Agburanar & Leucaruth. This means that
Scatha needs to bait Thranduil to send elves into the Grey Mountain Narrows
so to be attacked and thus killed by these factions hindering further play of hero factions.

5__Scatha---Rhovanion---Orcs of Mirkwood
13__Scatha---Rhovanion---Lesser Brood
20__Scatha---Rhovanion---Snow Trolls
20__Scatha---Rhovanion---Spiders of Mirkwood
20__Scatha---Rhovanion---Agburanar Roused
20__Scatha---Rhovanion---Leucaruth Roused

Eight factions will be played by the Elf-lord. Half are animal factions.
The animal will help tap minion factions seeking battle and thus
reduce their FN by one before the battle.
A Panolpy of Wings will be able to tap to tap a minion faction
in Woodland Realm if a stage cards makes that region a Wilderness.
Beasts of the Wood too can affect Woodland Realm on any basis.
Wild Hounds will affect a Wilderness with a Ruins & Lairs.
And Great Falcons will only affect Heart of Mirkwood. Thus
if you battle with factions outside of Mirkwood, then do so
in Heart of Mirkwood. Scatha has three factions playable there.

Wood-elves are Heavy Infantry with 10 prowess. Raft Elves
are weak with 5 FN You may want to move them to Thranduil's Halls
for protection. Men of Lake-town will stay in Northern Rhovanion
until needed using their 7 FN. Elves of Taur Romen are 7 FN and
will take two turns to reach Woodland Realm. Move them first
to Dorwninion forcing three region movement by minion factions
from Mirkwood, Dagorlad, Harrhun, or Horse Plains.
Wood-elves may move to battle with a minion faction adjacent
to Woodland Realm. If so, then this player is in better condition
to aid the war in the Vale.

3__Thranduil---Rhovanion---Great Falcons of Mirkwood
14__Thranduil---Rhovanion---Men of Lake-town
18__Thranduil---Rhovanion---Elves of Taur Romen
X__Thranduil------A Panoply of Wings
X__Thranduil------Wild Hounds

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Re: 246-War Under Trees

Post by dirhaval »

Thranduil was tempted to battle at Sarn Goriwing, but it was too much a risk. Scatha won a Power deck slot by two. Scatha played Spiders of Mirkwood late. If that spider faction was played much earlier, they may have had battled. A spider, orc, and troll faction could face two elf faction and one hero man faction.

I lowered by one the FN of Men of Lake-town; not good to be equal to Gondor factions.
I think now to not have Thranduil move factions. He should know that Scatha will not risk losing MPs in battles. Thus, I removed Ancient Foes for Forewarned is Forearmed from Radagast and Doom of Choice for Herald of Gilgalad. Radagast added Woses of the Druadan Forest and Wose Hunter Tattoo.

I am a bit confused with Ancient Foes, It is a dual resource, so does not the bonus equal out between the hated factions? I know I made the card, but it was still in, you can say, production phase. Maybe play the card on an avatar or leader so the effect is only for that player.

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