247-War from the Mountains

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247-War from the Mountains

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The Northern Invasion of Gondor will again be seen in the failing West.
Allies of Gondor must be removed and any aid from its fiefs burden
by sorties. Sauron must wait a bit longer before marching armies
through Osgiliath. His realm is yet rebuilt. Some action can though
start. Lord Denethor and King Theoden know war is nigh. Awaiting the Onset
is the preferred counsel, but an attack into Outer Mordor is possible.

Dwar will consider leading three facitons through Brown Lands and into
Rohan to busy the Rohirrim. Scara-hai will stay in Udun. Black Trolls
have 11 FN while the other two orc factions have 6 FN. This means that
Riders of Rohan must not be in play. If Rohan cannot be invaded, then
consider supporting Uvatha in Rhovanion.

13__Dwar---Dagorlad---Black Trolls
19__Dwar---Dagorlad---Orcs of the Ash Mountains
19__Dwar---Dagorlad---Orcs of the Red Eye

Hoarmurath has seven orc factions (45 FN) to gather in Mordor. Four are Heavy Infantry.
Keep them all garrisoned at the host site unless man factions across the river
ride into your mist. Destroy any hero faction that dares to move into Inner Mordor.

12__Hoarmurath---Gondor---Orcs of Udûn
13__Hoarmurath---Gondor---Orcs of the Ephel Dûath
14__Hoarmurath---Gondor---Wraiths of Nurn
20__Hoarmurath---Gondor---Orcs of Gorgoroth
20__Hoarmurath---Gondor---Slaves of Nurn

King Theoden must secure his lands. Riders of Rohan must be played quickly
to intimidate any would-be invader. Their 11 FN can threatened any minion faction.
The other two man factions will boulster the defense. Wild Horses and Mearas animal
factions will provider alerts. Consider moving the three man factions westward
into Enedhwaith to harass minion factions invading Gondor from the west. Or move
into Anduin Vales to battle orc factions. There is a slim chance to move into Horse Plains
and thus draw out minion factions to you leaving Imlad Morgul open for Lord Denethor.

4__Theoden---Dagorlad---Riders of Rohan
15__Theoden---Dagorlad---Men of Harrowdale
20__Theoden---Dagorlad---Men of Westfold
X__Theoden------Wild Horses

Lord Denethor must hold the darkest, biggest, most fan-voted hammer against the Free Peoples.
First, defense is the proirty. An invasion from the west or from Umbar needs to be avoided without war.
This means that playing factions quickly is the premium goal for this avatar.
However, consider a surprise attack from Anorien into Harondor if a minion man faction is quietly
garrisoned. Two factions have a home region of Ithilien; that will help their FN.
Seven factions have a sum of 55 FN with two Heavy Infantry (Tower Guard, Men of Lossarnach).

1__Denethor---Gondor---Garrison at Cair Andros
1__Denethor---Gondor---Men of Lossarnach
2__Denethor---Gondor---Men of Lamedon
9__Denethor---Gondor---Men of Lebennin
9__Denethor---Gondor---Rangers of Ithilien
15__Denethor---Gondor---Men of Anórien
20__Denethor---Gondor---Tower Guard of Minas Tirith

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Re: 247-War from the Mountains

Post by dirhaval »

Theoden kept Riders of Rohan in Gondor, which was smart. It is a powerful faction needed for the War of the Ring. The other two factions were late. However, all three were ready to battle Ardagor and Dwarf factions in Eriador.

Hoarmurath did not move. That is one of my prejudices – Overt Mordor factions stay garrisoned until the Power decks. However, I think that is the best route since those factions are weaker than the Gondor factions. Uvatha sent all of his factions south and Vidugavia blocked northward progress with several factions, which could battle first the Overt Mordor factions and kill many without much a chance for healing.

Denethor only participated in the First-Wainrider War. He played six factions before Turn 10. Keeping them there provided the FN bonus of home region or haven region. Three minions battled first at Osgiliath. When Denethor first battles, one was killed and another tapped. Good rolls killed Corsairs of Rhun and Bozishnarod and wounded Aukuag. Uvatha next turn battled with four factions with three wounded. Garrison of CA was killed, but wounded three minion factions. Low body checks helped the minions. Now, otherwise killing one or two would have maybe kill factions such that Mumakaniril would have been at risk. Men of Anfalas was flattened by 12 FN BN. The start of Denethor’s second turn had him two factions to battle. Lamedon (five battles, killed one) was wounded and Lossarnach was killed. The minions retreated so to move southward. Six of them moved away with five wounded.

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