803-Power Deck Costs

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803-Power Deck Costs

Post by dirhaval »

I would like to share updates to my Power Decks. Let me first explain limitations on how such
a deck can be made. This post explaination is similar to the building of the Lidless Eye Warlord Deck.

A power deck starts with the player's deck at the end of the Councils (Turn 24).
Then a player with a Power Deck is given Deck Points to use for making a Power Deck.
Such a mechanism instills conflict between alignments. Making of the Power Decks
shows that the mechanism of Deck Points is doable.
As of now, I will explain the process with the Wizards and Black Players.

I will use Gandalf's Power Deck as an example.

Gandalf built his Power Deck, and it needs 63 Deck Points.
Those points come from: his Avatar Deck MP and the Game Points from the Wizard Players
against the Minions. During the practice game, Gandalf earned 32 MP and all the Wizards
earned 14 Game Points. Thus, Gandalf then has 78 Deck Points (32 x 2 + 14) = 78.

The cost of 63 is calculated by: each event card removed from the Avatar Deck AND replaced by a new event card.
Plus event cards added with no replace ment, due to putting more resources in the sideboard (38 total),
Plus each other resource not given to another Power Deck (e.g. Hobbits).

Changes to Avatar Deck that do not cost a Deck Points include:
Cards in play given to another Power Deck (e.g. Narsil, but not Gates of Morning),
Cards recieved from another Avatar Deck if in play (e.g. Waybread, but not Gates of Morning).

Now, the count of these no-cost cards tally to 16. Thus, if they did count then Gandalf needs 79. That is tight. Gandalf could have easily
earned 25 MPs and thus have 64 Deck Points. Therefore, I will keep the current Deck Point process since I want these Power Deck as I built them after playing for many hours. Let make this not that hard.
The worse wizard, Pallando, has 21x2+14=56. That is not good. His current deck requires 77. Thus, he needs to ensure
other Power Decks receive some of his table cards. Desert Amber anyone? Going once, going twice...

A Elf-avatar White Power Deck will receive Deck Points from the Elf-avatar Game Points. =7.
Thus, Elves of Evermist will have 31x2+7 = 69.
Dain's Power Deck will have 36x2+12 + 84. That is alot.
Elessar's Power Deck will have 27x2+13=67. based on Lord Denethor.

The other Power Decks will be more complicated.

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Re: 803-Power Deck Costs

Post by dirhaval »

This post discusses the Deck Points for the Black Players.

Black Players will have four slots.
The Sauron Deck Points is discussed in another post.

The Deck Points given to a Black Player will come from the total of Game Points for the "Division" it will "control"
for the Power Decks.
For Example, Witch-king will have a Power Deck. He will player in Carn Dum and thus Eriador Division.
His Deck Points are: 30x2 + 14 = 74. 30 MPs he earned, and 14 Game Points earned by the four Eriador Division minion players.
Khamual will be in Wilderland, 44x2+16=104.
Hoarmurath will be in Mordor 30x2+9=69
Warlord will be in Harad(Dwarf, Azog, Ardagor). Dwarf 36x2+11 = 83.

Now, these Deck Points may four a Black/Warlord Power Deck to be moved. Witch-king now may be in Harad and transplant
Dwarf to Eriador. Also, a player benefits if his friends do well against his respective opponent. Thus, it is a balance of
hurting your friend so you get a Power Deck without limiting your Deck Points, but winning a Power Deck will be better than
losing a few Deck Points.

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Re: 803-Power Deck Costs

Post by dirhaval »

This post discusses the Deck Points for the Grey Players (i.e. Dragons, Balrog)

Grey Players will have three slots.

The Deck Points given to a Grey Player will come from the total of Game Points of the Northern Waste Division: 12.
Mouth and Felagrog earned 8 Game Points.

For Example, the six Avatar Decks (including Mouth due to his slot now given to Scatha the Worm) earned 20 Game Points,
but the three Grey Player Power Decks will receive an additional 12 deck Points. I think that is fine at 12. I expect the Grey
Players need major deck changes since they will no recieve "gifts" from friends and to exchange cards to win by MP alone
and not by Faction War or the One Ring.

The three winners were: Fankil(Lomaw) 40 MP, Felagrog 38 MP, Mouth(Scatha) 36 MP.

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