806-Power Deck Limitations

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806-Power Deck Limitations

Post by dirhaval »

This topic is about limits to the cards allowed in the Power Decks.

No eliminated character is allowed in any deck, unless as a trophy if that rule is used.
Unless, corrupted hero characters can be played as minion characters with (an additional) -1 to corruption checks.
Unless, body check dead characters can be used by necromancer-users, if I add that magic-skill. But that idea is far away.
Wizards cannot use non-unique characters.
Lords cannot use non-unique characters of other races.

No eliminated ally is allowed in any deck, unless as a trophy if that rule is used.

No eliminated faction is allowed in any deck. No need to add undead factions in this manner.

No eliminated item is allowed in a deck at a count less than 3.
For example, let say three Star-glasses were removed from play to play Phail of Galadriel 3x.
Star-glass cannot be in any deck since 3 copies were eliminated.

-No corruption hazards (e.g. Lure of Nature) unless played after facing a strike (e.g. Wound of Long Burden).
nb. Characters will start with much corruption;I like for the characters to be alive for a while. Go use
other hazards and not these fast hazards that take away the majesty of the Power Decks.

No eliminated event is allowed in a deck at a count less than 3.
Events can be removed from play using this like Aware of His Ways, Desired All For Thy Belly. Cruel I know.
If you used x3 Longbottom Leaf during the Avatar Game, then no more for you in the Power Deck.

No more than 3 copies allowed per alignment minus those eliminated by other alignment.
For example, Heroes killed 2 Barrow-wights. Thus, only one copy at most is allowed in the minion Power-Decks.

Dragon-lords and Balrogs are the only players to have dragon manifestations in their decks.
n.b. let these players focus a hazard deck on the remaining dragon hazards.

No Pick-pockets, Assassin, Thief creatures.

Thought about no agent hazard short-events discarding a Hobbit with six permanent-events.

No copies of An Unexpected Outpost allowed by anyone. Let play be luck of the draw. Use recyclers.
Only one copy of Smoke Rings/Weight All THings to a Nicety per Power Deck.

More to come.

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Re: 806-Power Deck Limitations

Post by dirhaval »

There are some more limits.

1. Maximum of one Twilight per deck.

2. Call of Home is prohibited. Each player receives +5 free GI so to have more characters.
That is still not enough. I may allow Call of Home to tap a character instead of discard/taken to hand.

3. Muster Disperses can only tap a faction if the roll is successful.

4. Great Road/Old Road/Iron Road prohibted due to the style played during peace time
and somewhat over powerd for the Power Decks with war.

5. Marvels Told/Voices of Malice limited to 2x per deck. I like to keep some hazard permenant-events in play
for a while.

6. To Fealty Sworn can be played at the same site , not site card, as Return of the King.

7. Power Against the Shadow x3 copies in all Hero Decks; just too powerful knowing CvCC is coming.

8, Houses of Healing and other healing permanent-events (The White Tree) allowed by hero companies of other players.

9. Smoke Rings/Weigh All Things to a Nicety x1 maximum in any deck. Let's not focus on one resource card.

10. Zero An Unexpected Outpost by anyone.

11. Thought about Nazgul cards in the Ringwraith decks since only the "main" RW will start the Power Decks.

12. Hazard: No more than x2 copies of any hazard long-event per alignment. Just too powerful

13. No more than x3 copie of any hazard (except Doors of Night/Twilight) per alignment.
I like to make it x2 max for hazard events; so many to select.

14. What will happen if a Wizard becomes a fallen-wizard? What about adding FW hazards to decks?
I will allow each other player to exchange one hazard event for a Fallen specific hazard event.
There seems to be 15 or so to select that are not already in a minion Power Deck.

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