158-Power Deck Stage Points

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158-Power Deck Stage Points

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This topic is about handling stage points during the Power Decks.
Those with stage points and a Power Deck will surly have a massive pile
of stage points to compete with other players. I do not want hazards to
overburden such players during the Power Decks.

Therefore, all hazard events that have a sequence of clauses
on the degree of the penalty based on stage points have such thresholds

Example hazards:
Power Reliquished to Artifact
Cruel Claw Percieved.

Not included are hazards such as Mask Torn.

I made a pure Fallen-wizard Saruman Power Deck and the base has 27 stage points
not including Brougth Back Alive, A New Ringlord, nor Rich Reward for Aid.
Those claused Hazards have the worst penalty when the avatar has more than 20 stage points.
Now, exceeding 40 stage points will bring the pain. Also, I can now relax letting hero Lords
use Setting up On His Own without conflict with The Doom of Choice.

This rule will apply to all players.
Also, more than 24 stage points makes a company overt. Only the thresholds for such hazards change.
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Re: 158-Power Deck Stage Points

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New Power Deck Rule:

Avatars can start with up to six stage points [-me_sp-] as starting cards.

Use this:

6 stage points must start play.
No stage card can be worth more than 3 stage points.
Conditions for play are not considered with other starting stage cards, as normal.
At least one of the stage cards must be non-unique.

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