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Here is a Power Deck for the avatar Elessar with a mission to
hold back Mordor for the Ringbearer.

King Elessar has come into his own. Lord Denethor, the Steward of Gondor, came to an ungodly
end. Now, elves and dunadan will use weapons of yore to chip the vanguard of Mordor’s armies.
Two palantir will watch the battles from afar while Argirion commands the armies of the West.
The king, Boromir, and two elves will hold Osgiliath while Faramir will move in the shadows of
Mordor removing one minion at a time. Umbar will welcome the new king drawing the attention
of the Eye away from the Ringbearer. First, the rightful king must walk in the Black Vale calling
an army cursed for an age. Faramir will walk to the Mountains of Shadow seeking information
on the defense of Mordor. The White Tree blooms before the Shadow of the East. Battles will be
fierce and lengthy on the Pelennor Fields.

Aragorn II is hoped to end the Avatar Decks at Rivendell. Therefore, Elessar will start there
with Elladan and Elrohir. Beretar is expected to be a follower, but will start play under general influence.
The practice Fate game had Aragorn II and Arathorn II move from Rivendell on Turn 24 to Helm's Deep.
Now, I am thinking to let Aragorn II end at Rivendell or Grey Havens. To start the Power Deck, Elessar
can reach Isildur's Tomb from Rivendell on Turn 1 or Bag End. Turn 2 can reach Dunharrow/Isildur's Tomb.
Hope is there to draw Paths of the Dead in the first two turns.

The boost to faction numbers for hero factions in Anorien seemed to be high and unfair for minions.
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