238-Replacing an Eliminated DragonLord

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238-Replacing an Eliminated DragonLord

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Let me write my thoughts about the slaying of a Dragon-lord.
I asked myself what happens to the motivation of a Dragon-lord player
when his avatar is eliminated? Can that player have a Power Deck?

First, I was thinking of "giving" each Ringwraith his Ring for Mortal Men
, with some changes like spirit-magic use for fetching a mode card instead of Unleash card,
so to allow these avatarless Dragon players a chance to acquire a Ring of Power for use
during the Power Decks. I will think about that - table it.

Second, maybe the White Players want another Dragonlord around that will bother other Grey Players?
For example, Smaug the Golden falls into Long Lake. The 19 White players not having Smaug the
Golden as a main hazard opponenent immediatly make a vote: new avatar or no. If yes, then
after that turn the DragonLord player must decide on his new avatar and switch stage resource events
for new ones, if he chooses. Also, copies of the new dragonlord go into playdeck (3 not 4). The old Lair cannot
be a Dragon Den as normal, but can again with the play of Dragon's abode and such. The Dragon Den site card
and related resources are immediately discarded at the end of the turn of the avatar's death. This may leave
the characters vulnerable.

What about those character stage events like Oath to the Dragon? The dragon is dead and so is the oath. It would
be too much trouble to discard the event and play later. Keep them in play if the player chooses.

What about the stored trophies and items? Stored trophies and Gathered Bones are removed from play.
The items though stay at the stored site allowing anyone to play them - anyone. Use by anyone though is prohibted
based on alignment. Lord Dain may want that Thong of Fire; he be corrupted later. It will be like The Hobbit book
all over again. I would assume the new Dragonlord will hurry to that old Lair to relocate that treasure to his own home site.
That means for a turn or two the minions of the Dragonlord must transport all that loot or make it a Dragon's Den.

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