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Lord Thrain has retaken Moria. Yet, his grudge against Felagrog burns as hot as Aule’s forge.
Rest will not be felt by the Longbeards until that balrog is no more. Thorin and Balin will hunt
for the balrog in the under-deeps Lord Thrain will journey with Dain in the under-deeps or on the
surface to find the balrog. Many items of power and wealth will help the bearded folk.

A dwarven ring, Last of the Seven, will find minor items to feed the smoldering hate. Stones
of light will guide travels underground. Hoard items wither valiant swords, adamant helmet or
habergeon of silver protect the mind and body. Durin’s Crown is worn by Thorin who is also
King Under the Mountain radiating as a trusting counselor with 14 mind of followers. Stonehelm
has a Mithril Map dagger of westernesse to slice spawn. Bahadur is there When I Know
Anything to help the corruption-burden kin. Nali covers his face with the Khazad-Shathur. Balin
carries the Arkenstone to be a Jewel-healer. Five dwarves in his company have 9 body stat. Thus
a wounded dwarf has 8 body allowing a 11 or 12 jewel-healer roll to kill. Norin has a Mithril
Map Dwarven Axe for 10 prowess against Orcs. Children of Aule helps them immensely. They
will use fungi, secret ways, new tunnels and gnawed ways to move into dark tunnels or use
ancient stairs. Borin Dain have valiant sword. Frar has habergeon of silver. Lipor has a warmattock.
Five dwarf factions will return to Azanulbizar annihilating any minion within sight of
Silvertine. Moria and a Lair-turned-dwarf-hold will become Lordhavens either to help other hero
players or have locations to focus on other minion avatars.

Many stage points will be hoarded; maybe up to 33! This player needs to gauge his use
of the points. Clad for War and A Merrier World are included, but I am weary if marshalling points
matter now in the segment of the game?

Card draw will be quicksilver fast. Warm Now Be Heart and Limb and A Friend or Three
will help wounds or corruption checks. You may even influence away minion dwarves. Hundreds
of Butterflies will not nudge the already high company size. Many stage events or Old Grudge
will stay in play once play. This worries me with one-dimensional game play. I thought about
increasing deck size to 50.

Hazard creatures are there to tap allowing you to assign strikes in combat. Undead, Pukelmen
or dwarves will hound minions on the open road or inside holes. You want to enhance
shadow-hold and dark-hold automatic-attacks. Which has by chance Gandalf and Thrain as
friends in the same group for the last four turns. Can you imagine a minions’s Shelob’s Lair have
4 strikes at 19 prowess spider attack? Move Lord Thrain there engaging with Felagrog with
Awaken the Earth’s Fire for 4 strikes with 21 prowess? Now put in Eye of Sauron for +3 prowess
to boost automatic-attacks. Mayb ethat is why the rumour was heard of Vile Fumes being sought for the Sauron deck.

I enjoyed making this deck with all the battle-gear on the dwarves - the first light of joy to have this mega multi-player game 20 years ago.
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