157-Power Deck Ringwraiths

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157-Power Deck Ringwraiths

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Now comes the time to handle Ringwraith followers during the Power Decks.
There will be, hopefully, 3 Ringwraith players for the last leg of the game.
Each player will have three Ringwraith characters to use, but MECCG limits
them greatly. What to do? Bend the rules to thy will of course.

Now, there are some cool dream cards that are suited for my liking
yet timing is precious at this point in the game.
Thus, here are the modified Ringwraith rules for the Power Decks.

1. More than one Ringwraith in the company equals that one or more will be followers per MECCG.
Playing Ringwraiths per MECCG rules is still enforced: Witch-king normal ability, They Ride Together, Black Horse.
But multiple Ringwraiths can move as one company if each controls a Winged Terror ally.

2. Any Ringwraith can use his own Unleash card with no other restrictions(Horror Spreads Before Them not being used here).
However, Adunaphel Unleashed must be used when Adunaphel the Ringwratih CvCC a company alone while other Ringwraiths
attack another company at the same site. Ringwraiths are wanted to be discarded so to allow Sauron to use their Nazgul hazard cards.
Drawing HSBT will be slow when replaying the characters.

3. Any Ringwratih can use his own character card's "your Ringwraith" ability costing no more to general influence (Dark Defenders not being used).

4. A Ringwraith can transfer his personal item to another Ringwraith. Of course that Ringwraith cannot use the item.

I thought about disallowing the use of the MECCG mode events as a price to all this change to force the play of allies and of course the ally being removed from play. But I like the discarding feature of the mode events to allow the Nazgul to be used. Thought about making a Royal Stable version for Winged Terror (Hideous Eyrie) so that the Witch-king Power Deck has these allies ready for play, but Come at Need is acceptable.

Thought about giving each Ringwraith a Ring for Mortal Men for its use and the chance for stealing by other players. Also thought about giving such a ring to minion man/dunadan characters to like Pharacas or The Mouth. The Black Player Power decks now as 50/50/50 are menacing and causing grief with the possibilities and shifting of cards between decks. For example, Sauron starts with 13 rings in play and 84 mind of characters. Many more unused minion resources were included. Not much can be done with hero decks. Therefore, I tried to include special dangerous missions for the minions such as: Burning Rick Cot Tree at Lossarnach and To Pass the Archway not by the Mouth player, but by the orc faction Mordor Ringwraith player. Also, the Mouth player tries to play Star of Gobha and Oathbreaker.

More hazards too will hurt heroes more than minions. For example, Sauron has Lure of the RIngs, Drawn to Its Master, Failed Devices, Dark Shapes Gathered There, In the Heart of His Realm, To Breed a War, The Dark Days. Now only one copy of each however. Thought about including One Ring to Bring Them All (hazard to force charcters to move to Ringbearer's site). That hazard is modified to be "region" and not "territory." Gandalf will have it in his deck. Why? I read that the hazard forces movement during the player's normal turn and not immediatly when the hazard played. Now Gandalf can use Tidings of Bold Spies and that hazard event when the Ringbearer is at Shelob's Lair while the following may be in play: Little Snuffler, Awaken Minions, Incite Minions, Unabated in Malice, Watchers at the Gate, Haunted Place, It Stinks, and Doubled Vigilance. Oft evil mar itself.

Oh, magic. All the decks have 48 cards per magic skill used and no more than six per card among all the 57 decks; I wanted to keep things equal among the magic cards. Can it be 50 count? Let's see what the other minion Power Decks have to say.

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Re: 157-Power Deck Ringwraiths

Post by dirhaval »

This reply discusses my thoughts with Ringwraiths and their use in each Power Deck.

The first version of the Power Decks, ages ago, had four in Angmar, four in Wilderland,
and Hoarmurath in Mordor. Then the Angmar Ringwraiths would return to Mordor
late in the game, which they still do.

I am stuck on the idea of having the Witch-king in Angmar. That is because it is easy
for him to fetch his followers using Seahelm of Ciryatan and to heal the man factions
using Heralded Lord or WK Unleash.

The Witch-King is good in any deck (Angmar, Wilderland, Mordor). But where is his
Unleash the best since influencing away factions seems to be muted in the Power Decks
..each player will have about 5 free GI available with so many characters in play
and faction influencing-away is voided if that faction is "mobilized without being
"controlled" by a character. Then what good then is WK Unleashed? Gold Reward? Sure,
but you will forgo combat, Hounds of Sauron, or Eyes of the Well placing a Dark Enchantment
on opponent. I would hope that some factions are available to play to start the Power decks
incuding Roused factions. I would say WK Unleashed then is mostly good to influence away
an item or to discard a powerful ally. Thus, the Angmar Power Deck will stuff a few important
items in play by the Eriador Hero player. Dark Captain in Heralded Lord mode with Unleashed = 14 DI.
Saruman there looks to have 7 free DI. So a 5 mind character will then yield 12 to beat after the two rolls.
Vasamacil will allow playing Riven Gate, which will be played on Henneth Annun drawing Elessar there
for an ambush.

Adunaphel is good in Heralded Lord mode. Her item can fetch that event. Her Unleashed is nice, but
she must be alone. I do not expect for the Wking to be unhorsed allowing her to be on her own. Her
card use is nice canceling one hazard creature not played at a site (e.g. Arthadan Rangers, Rangers of Sarn Ford).
But that use is good anywhere. Her penatly in Fell Rider is not suited for Mordor. Angmar is best for her.

Akhorail is great anywhere using much magic. Mordor Deck has few magic cards. A 9 DI in Heralded Lord mode
is great to heal factions. His Unleashed card is perfect with RIngwraiths not focused on one part of the map.
Either Angmar or Wilderland for this Ringwraith.

to be continued...

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Re: 157-Power Deck Ringwraiths

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Her penatly in Fell Rider is not suited for Mordor
? adunaphel has an accepted UEP negating her Fellrider malus, just keep that in mind ,)

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