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This deck has the 50/50/50 resource/hazard/sideboard configuration. Much went into
balancing cards with the other Black Players' decks. Dwar was returned as the prime
Ringwraith for this deck, but any Ringwraith can use his ability as normal with his Unleashed
even as a follower for the Power Decks.

This is the first showing of the Mordor Power Deck. No scout from Gondor could penetrate the
darkness over the forsaken land. Mordor will let loose eleven Orc factions and beyond count orc
characters - 26. Three Ringwraiths are needed to command these armies as the hammer of
Sauron. Effort was made to avoid this deck as a one-dimensional battle royal.

Dwar of Waw is the Ringwraith to be made a Warlord. Indur Dawndeath and Uvatha the
Horseman will be the other two. These three are the Ringwraiths with normal five direct
influence, which seems a waste due to the orc factions are easily healed with their roll to
influence normally at zero. However, that 5 DI can be useful if other factions are lost from
players not earning a Power Deck or having an orc as a follower allowing a joining of other
companies so to use magic. Dwar Unleashed and Uvatha Unleashed allows drawing cards with
movement while staying in the battles healing factions or using Fell Captain or visiting Durthang
to receive wolf allies. Indur Unleashed then can cancel a CvCC against the trio. Helm of Fear can
also cancel a creature attack. Black Horses will provide movement, but itself can be slayed. That
will allow Sauron to use the Nazgul manifestation for Helms of Iron or Scimitars of Steel. Hosts
of the Dark Tower can be played from hand, discarding the horse allies, using Dawnless Day.
Each Ringwraith has 9 prowess in Black Rider mode.

Hail of Darts, We Are the Fighting Uruk-hai, and Heed Not the Defense will handle tough strikes
from creatures, automatic-attacks, or foolish blue-tinted hero cards. Counterspell, The Ash
Mountain Deeps, and Mountains of Shadow Deeps first see use in any deck. No one will surprise
the sentinels of the Black Land. Durthang will be made into a Wolf’s Den to help play nine wolf
allies. A Trusty Substitute can transfer the allies to Dwar the Ringwraith. Yes, Our Own Wolves
is in the deck – thrice! It seems that that magic card is playable after CvCC is declared, but
before strikes are assigned. That will help play Deep is the Abyss. Put in Hail of Darts and
discard King Elessar.

Feast on Flesh, Filled with Fury, Thangail, Fell Captain, and Call to Arms are there for the
faction battles. Faction body stats are low – only two greater than six. Normal prowess is low too.
All of these resource events can make Orcs of Udun 13 prowess if attacking and Morgul-Orcs 14
prowess if attacking in the same region as a Fell Captain Ringwraith and controlled by a Thangail

Gorbag will have the Ongrum to heal factions and control them during battles. Shagrat will
protect any other company in Ithilien or Osgiliath by combatting hero companies moving away
from Minas Tirith. Nazog is a Warlord to drive deep into Gondor drawing hero companies away
from Anorien. He can heal at Geann a-Lisch. Call to Arms though will be useless when not in the
battles. Shock Troops are non-unique scripts that too will go into Gondor to use Heed Not the
Defense of any vulnerable hero character away from Anorien. A Sharpen Up Saw-Tooth Blade is
carried by one Blade-master orc.

Hazards were solely orcs, but with Mewlips, Wisps of Pale Sheen, and Stirring Bones in the deck
Endless Whispers had to be included. Now, the Gwaedhel-Sword is in another deck. I may take
Pale-Dream Maker from Angmar’s deck to give him Icy Touch while putting Pale-Dream Maker
in this deck. Six orc creatures are included along with Shelob and Spider of the Morlat. The
spawn hazards are for Counterspell.
Soldiers of the Dark Lord and Minions Stir will boost creatures. Some cards seeing their first use
in any minion deck include: One Foe to Breed a War, Foul Fumes, Lost in the Emyn Muil and
Siege of Gondor.

Overall, this deck has some enjoyment to it by balancing the Ringwraiths’ needed protection
outside a Darkhaven, the ten wolf allies, higher prowess factions, and four orc companies with a
specific mission, but flexible to aid another company. This means that Elessar must combat
quickly to start the game any minions that leave Mordor.
full file of 50/50/50
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