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The Lieutenant of Barad-Dûr will soon come into his own. His master has granted him an army
to crush the last ragged house of the West. A dozen armies and a train of the legendary
mumakanril will march north into Anorien and over the rest of Gondor. Easterling and Balchoth
from the plains, Variags and Chey from the steppes, and Haradrim and Corsairs from the coast
will battle under the banner of this lord against ancient foes. Asdriags and Black Númenóreans
will be flung into the fray. Pitiless Deeds will be done by servants from the south and east. Black
Steeds or Black Sails will bring the minions to the fields of Lebennin with skies of fire brought
by mordor storms. Names among them will be stolen and that news must get through to the
houses of lamentations or to the tower by the plains of Gorgoroth. Shadow and madness will
blind those opposed to Sauron and his magic. The Emissary of the Darklord has a voice of
madness and either Gondor will join with his power or receive a malady without healing.

This deck seemed boring at first with nothing but battles. I had to make the deck interesting. First
let’s talk about the goals. The factions must deal with the most powerful hero factions giving the
Orc factions a chance. Ancient Foes has been changed to boost attacking factions. Pitiless Deeds
can wound a powerful faction like the Knights of Dol Amroth. Flung into the Fray is there to
have a faction be healed away from the front, yet battle in the adjacent region. Also, you do not
want a hero faction to out flank you. The Mouth will thus be committed in the back lines while
Ivic will lead.

Much work and wits were needed to tempered changing the characters. A full quota of 36 mind
of agents are in the deck. Ivic has two Trifling Rings to control the Nevido Smod and a shadowmage Ciryaher.
The play of that low body Sage is on purpose so to allow him be killed giving the
chance to play a 6-mind shadow-mage. Nevido Smod will be reckless too allowing Dasakun to
be played. Two magic rings will fetch two cards every turn. Shamas has a magic ring to use a
palantir, if one is stolen. Sakalure, Ullis, and Herion will enter Gondor to play Oathbreaker.
Golodhros is present with both Gwaedhel weapons. Then there is the Ring for Mortal Men and
King of Mighty Words. The play of characters will be simple for this player with five spiritmages and four shadow-mages darkening this deck.
Now, I will allow that Ring of Power to give zero corruption to the Mouth and that Stature care can only tap if a check fails.
A 7 CP stature card and a 9 mind gives +5 to corruption checks.

The Sauron Power Deck is near completion. It is casts a great shadow on this game - too powerful and terrible to read.
I have I think now melted all desire to avoid some cards from this minor distraction called Fate.
Unused cards have been placed in decks, which I will not update with the little change. For example,
Lucky Strike, Hoard Well-Search, Great Road, Iron Road, Old Road, Morannon, Aware of Their Ways,
and others are included. Aware of Their Ways though has been changed to look at the top of the
playdeck and to discard one card. Now, only 8 MECCG hazard events are not in any deck:
Balrog of Moria, Scatha home/hunt, Smaug home/hunt, Flotsam and Jetsam, Blind to the West, Ire of the East
and 19 other Dream hazard events.
full file, 50/50/50
(190.07 KiB) Downloaded 121 times

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