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This deck has been completed once the wyrm awoke for his interviews. I thought this deck
would be atrocious with what will he do to win? I agnoized and delayed this deck. Now, I had
fun with expanding Smaug's movements. First, I moved his People Diminished and Tempest of Fire
Avatar cards to Scatha. I also removed Consumed by Dragon fire from Smaug's Avatar deck to allow
him to use the Dwarven Ring in the Power Deck. His Avatar deck received the family cards: Mating Duel,
Dragon's Nest, and Dragon Egg. I also gave Scatha both female Dragon Roused factions so Mating Duel
is more useful.
This Power Deck expands Smaug's movement; He will play two more Dragon Dens: one at Framsburg
and the other Amon Lhaw. Three region movement for the characters to ambush the One Ring bearer.
Some more hoard items will be found. Sign of Might was added. Finally! Down the Hurrying Waters was added.
Lulled By His Words, Fearsome Ally, Faster Than the Winds were added too.
Modes include Hunger, Hunting, Roaming, and Devourer of Hosts. There will be three other companies.
One will be near Withered Hearth to find items. Another covert company will play Information. The overt
companies will first protect Smaug, then move to Amon Lhaw as a Dragon Den to play minor items.

Dragon hazards will be given to the Dragon-lord with the most MPs. Four non-avatars survived the
practiced Avatar game: Earcaraxe, Merkampa, Gostir, Bairanax. You will add Scatha and either
Throkmaw or Lomaw. Silent Watcher is added to use Frenzy of Madness. Cave Worm is there for
From the Pits of Angband (first use). Other first time hazard use are Prowess of Age, Passion of Wrath,
Deftness of Agility, Parsimony of Seclusion, and Weary of War.

Smaug is near to completing his mastery of Middle-Earth. He has thrown down his nearby rivals.
Old allies in the Northern Waste or Mordor now are greedy for the crown of Arda. He will win
with a large hoard of 70 MPs. He will need to average one MP card per turn for 16 turns. Three
companies will help him add to his treasure. Smaug the Golden will expand his territory west and
south only to trap the Ringbearer and claim the One Ring of Power. Sign of Might will be
established when that trinket is his.

A few more hoard items will be collected. One more faction will be gathered if you already
have two Roused factions in play. Bone Dragon will be dug from his tomb and seek revenge on
those with pointy hats. A baby dragon will need to learn wisdom and power from the Golden.
Some missions will be enacted to expand the Desolation of Smaug. Dwarves will be diminished
and orcs will feel a tempest of fire.

Movement and Sages play a large role to gather marshaling points. Players devoted to faction
battles will mostly ignore you. Smaug will move from 5-7 turns in this game.

The Power Deck can be one either by the steps to follow with the One Ring or have the most MPs
at the end of 16 turns. I thought about allowing a player to call the game once his deck exhausts 3x,
but that will encourage wasting cards to only play fast; I want interaction. Alatar must focus his
time on this player, else the items and miscellanous points may be too much to overcome by heroes.
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