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The great demon lord has conquered another attempt to extinguish his fire. Now, he is near a full
and indomitable condition to master the world. The goal is to double his marshaling points to 70
total. Few more weapons need to be found or forged. Some more Orc factions will be gathered to
finally remove the Lossoth from his domain. Allies can provide help by playing Sage events or to
lower stats for easier killing. Eddies will be created to squash the homes of the Elves of Evermist
to find their mysterious stones.
Durlach will move on the surface as Flame of Udun playing Eddy in Fate’s Tide. Agog will also
move on the surface to play factions. Lugronk will move in the Under-deeps combating weak
minions of Felagrog, but also to surface near Grey Mountains to combat the Dragon-lord’s
minions. Vile Fumes will be played on Eddy sites with Hold Rebuilt and Repaired. You need to
play one MP almost every turn. The One Ring and Challenge the Power are in the deck if you do
steal the Ring of Power. Great Shadows is there to give the balrog followers for influence
Skies of Fire will be used. What of the Dawn and Grinding Ice are environments that will help
travel or stay away from hazards.
Hazard creatures will be enhanced by Kelver Enraged or keyed to Shadow-holds like to a Hold
Rebuilt and Repaired site. Three fallen-wizards will hurt those far away from Narthalf. Some
hazard short-events tap characters. Doubled Vigilance and Whole Villages Roused add attacks to
sites. Hunt for the Ring will make those with rings more at risk of becoming CGI characters in
future movies.
Mordo is finally seen in any deck. Reluctant Final Parting hurts hero players. Flotsam and Jetsam
can help you late in the game when others need to fetch cards from the discard pile. Fungi seems
to be the only card you want from the discard pile or play deck.

Durlach may seem to have an easy path for victory with other players far away and a 3-region
movement phase rule. Fallen-Alatar will though visit on occasion. That is why I have Lugronk's
under-deeps company to either hunt Felagrog in the under-deeps or surface at The Wind Throne
to combat a Dragon-lord. I posted elsewhere the changes to Durlach's card.
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