270-Fallen Powers

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270-Fallen Powers

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This topic is allowing a hero player to make a fallen-deck after the Councils.
That is turn traitor at the worst time.

Either this choice is made or forced.

First, all make corruption checks in the open during the Councils, but the hero avatars.

One option is that any corruption check by a hero avatar during the Councils is kept secret from
other players, but made in front of the judges to know if the avatar was corrupted.

The Power Decks are made. Each surviving Wizard automatically gets a deck.

Now, each hero player gives the head judge a slip of paper noting either: hero or fallen.

Now, a corrupted avatar will then announce to everyone that he is fallen by corruption.
non-fallen avatars that want to fall state that the fallen status is by choice.

A transitioning avatar to Fallen quickly makes a new deck. His Game Points
to use for the new deck are equal to the MPs of his just-made Power Deck (that is why it is kept secret).
Along with the Game Points earned by his race-Lords. Such a fallen-deck had to already be
in mind to start this whole game so to make this change quick.

This applies to all hero avatars. The idea of secrecy is that the 20 hero players will decide who gets
what table resource card and character. Hard to given Saruman The One Ring when you know he was just corrupted
during the Councils. Dwarf-lords and the like are included. If Lord Thrain puts King of the Seven Houses in
his deck, then you know something is up.

It is an idea. Better to change the decks now instead of Turn 3 during the Power Decks when the player wants his
avatar to be corrupted on purpose.

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