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Non-starting characters

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 10:09 pm
by dirhaval
[You can vote more than once]

Building Power Decks show that characters in the playdeck can be useless.
Agents I think may be prohibited during the Power Decks for over-powerness.

I was thinking to make a pool, a genius concept from Arda, of characters.
Then any player can play a character from that pool when otherwise
able to do so. There will be limit on a card's count in such a pool. 5 Beretars and 12 Orc Veterans are allowed.

This can save deck space and give the best character possible late in the game.
Now what to do when a character is discarded for any reason? Discard pile or to this pool?

Another mechanic is the art of influencing away characters. Nice to have a zero mind
on a character with 9 permanent-events when rolls are made. Maybe such a situation is
only allowed if the character is already in hand? Thus, you will want to start with characters
in the playdeck. Yet, that is not playing, but revealing a character. Playing is when
the influence attempt was successful.

A means of abuse would be to play a character during the organization, from the pool,
tapping to support a corruption check, then discarding to the discard pile of yours that character due to general influence
violation. Then hope to draw next turn for revealing to aid an influence attempt. With multiple copies
of even uniques there will be no hoarding of a character.

A pool allows orcs to quickly replenish the ranks. An Unexpected Party will cause noise in the deep places of the world.
That is what I want at this part of game. Note that Ringwraiths though will be more powerful to play on demand.
Remember that my Power Decks has a few starting allowing Sauron to play Scimitars of Steel and Helms of Iron.
Let me know what you think?

Re: Non-starting characters

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 2:33 pm
by dirhaval
I have heard from others about this poll. Again, I am not very clear on my ramblings.

The problem during the Power Decks is having a card in hand that is not needed - characters.
I do expect frequent loss of characters due to body checks from "free" playing corruption
cards are prohibited at this time. Having 10 characters in the deck with expectation
to exhaust in 5 turns causes a waste of those cards. A player may not need that many
characters, but others may due to CvCC every turn for 16 turns.

Will it be better to allow a player to play a character from a pool? This will help Wizards
the most along with Ringwraiths who loose magic-users. It will be a pity to need to play
a sorcerer when three of yours die, but another Ringwraith gets to the last remaining
sorcerer character not starting the Power Decks. Or a hero R/Sa for heroes.

A pool will encourage risky play knowing an eliminated character can be replaced on the next turn.
What do you think?

Re: Non-starting characters

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:19 am
by Thorsten the Traveller
Is this a common pool (Arda) or per player? And if common, then is that per alignment, how does it work with Fallen alignments who can play both minion and hero?

Seems to me in fase 2 all characters in Middle-earth are already rallied, so to speak, it's impossible they are unaware of the struggle that's going on and they have to make a choice, they cannot remain at the sideline. So even Hobbits, Frams and others should be able to start and/or join in Havens. Even avatars should start. So the Arda pool seems like a cool idea.

But you'll know more about the balance issues, you've run the simulations.

Re: Non-starting characters

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 6:13 pm
by dirhaval
Good response. Some ideas I did not think about.

I would say the pool is common/global, but again with no limit on the copies.
Taken to hand may mean to discard back to the pool.

For now in Fate, the Power Decks are the "perfect" decks. You get to start with
any, still alive, character with cards carried over from the Avatar decks.
You many not exchange When I Know Anthing between characters, but you
may have Durin's Axe at Bag End start the Power Decks in Minas Tirith.

I see this is possible with the month long stay at Rivendell. Travel I felt
was "safe" for a while allowing movement. And yes, avatars start too.

About playing any character at havens. It is true the war will be known by all. Yet, I want to make the game regional
and thus have the meta game of eliminating characters from a specific location. A Chance Meeting will allow such
play of any character outside a haven. Open to the Summons helps play agents. With so many avatars you will have
each character needed by someone local. Angbor did move up the river to Minas Tirith and Thorin "found" Dain at Erebor.

So far with 16 player Power Deck game, I want to not have the global playing of characters at havens. I feel that
roads will be treachous to travel long distances at such times....sorry for the Roleplaying mindset.