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Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 2:35 am
by dirhaval
I will be posting material for FATE including new notes, editing, revised decks, and game notes.
Yes, I have played 10 full 40-player turns using my 20 MB spreadsheet that even outputs the card picture files to another file for viewing.
All this abstract playing is a dread; it is nice to see the art, and remember simple things like Star-glass corruption check is not modified by -2.

Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 5:38 pm
by dirhaval
Only the Court of Ardor is there to provide turn notes and stats for the minion players.
Then, I will do the same for the Heroes in the Eriador Division.

After that, I will have a poll for you to decide the 16 players for the Power Decks.
Any avatar will be available including fallen-wizards. I will post my own Power Deck
files, but if any are changed by the poll, then I would just make a new deck with any suggestions
by you. 16 players in 16 turns has it at 256 player turns or 3.75x faster than the avatar deck game.

Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 2:15 am
by dirhaval
First, I am in the midst of a Middle-Earth Faction-War Only game.
That is I have looked at the factions played during the practice game to gauge
when a faction is put into play. Some factions were never played, but I may
"play" the faction on Turn 20 or Turn 22, which means movement will be limited after that.
That also means that faction play may be a greater focus during the Avatar Decks.

Second, My poem, A Land Between Sea and Rivers, was published on
in their Hall of Poets section. Now, please be aware I made two typos at the end of the poem;
I have fear for perfection, so after I updated a word for my last review I just sent out the poem
without fully vetting the poem. Work never ends! The poem is about Beren and Luthien, which I wrote
in a few hours this month.

Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:37 pm
by dirhaval
I have been caught in a haste to work more on the Avatar decks; that has taken me away from online playing.
The past two months has me adding eight new players and four new turns. New turns will allow the Ringwraiths
more time to roam.

Minions: Desert Orc (A Few Trusty Lads), Black Numenorean (avatar less), Malezer, a second Court of Ardor.
Heroes: Yellow Mountain Dwarf, Lynerian League (dunadan, avatar?), second Valdacli Lord, a the fourth
hero player is highly contested idea. An avatar to use the MEWH stage cards; This will be a fallen-wizard.
A new wizard. I got the idea from the onlline source of Hall of Fire fanzines. Lesser Wizards. But
I am open though to change the avatar to mortal to help add "King, Emperor" cards to the new lands of Middle-earth.
But still use the MEWH stage events minus the obvious wizard-theme cards like Wizard's Trove.

What do to with slayer characters? I made more characters, items, and allies for the Uttersouth.
Thus, I modified many other decks so to have almost all creatures used by both alignments. That took time.
I also tried to have each non-unqiue special ring used twice.

Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 4:40 pm
by dirhaval
I finished the 8 new decks including update the 30MB spreadsheet for the changes; I will play this 48 player game when I am old and retired.

Other decks were changed slightly with adding more hazards for use.
Changes include:
All avatar hazard manifestations start play for the respective player and event effects are global; none can attack. Those effects are cool.
Four more turns to the game means an avatar character manifestation has no rush to start play.
Wose characters from Radagast were given to Pallando; Radagast receives the 4 Usanya characters; Thank you to the one
that made mse cards of them.

16 factions not used including Earcaraxe, Scorba
Lugdash, BIfur, Bofur unique characters not used.
Several items not used: Mithrial, Phial, Star of Gobha. Confident to be selected as game point cards for a fallen-Lord/Wizard.
Saruman had the biggest change: Orthanc stone to Galadriel for Annuminas stone to avoid visiting Orthanc. Sulhelka, Aigloas,
and Cloak of Many Colors given to Saruman.
Uttersouth fallen-wizard was given Man of Skill and A Strident Spawn to play all the MEWH half-orcs. You can just make this player
an avatarless fallen wizard if you like.
Almost evey site for minion/her alignments designated to be used.
Thought about "relocating" an unused dragon-lord to Cleft of Goats instead of using Malezar.
Of the four dwarf-holds south of Mordor, only Mablad-dum is a normal Lordhaven. Relin II is the dwarf-lord over Narin.
Came close using Kilmakur, Necklace of Silver and Pearls, and At Your Service for high minds, but desire to use as many sites
as possible prohibited this. Thorin is using Aden Medical Library to fetch Mathom Lore, and Elrond is using Willow Dingle for Information.
Gandalf could use Library, then Elrond use Weathertop giving Balin a hoard and swamp site for Kilmakur. I can still change this.
Galadriel given many bows to use Well Aimed. Thranduil given cloaks for The Weavetress and Cloaked by Darkness.
Each magic type using 43 cards. Like to have spirit-abuse playable anywhere.
Cheated by using Speak Friend and Enter in decks against main division using hazards that disallows site phases like that MEBA hazard.
Balrog of Moria starting the game forces Lady Galadriel to start with Hidden Haven.
meccg hazards not used: Blind to the West, Echoes of Song, Ire of the East, Desire All for Thy Belly. Then 10 more dream hazards not used.
...Tharbad Thieves too powerful.

Four more turns does mean more character deaths, greater risk taking moving, but Uttersouth against Northern Waste has few creatures
to bother. I tried to spreadh the "easy" hazard events around like Foolish Words and Weariness of the Heart.
Added 40 more characters.
Balin gets Battle-axe of the Fallen.
THorin gets Emerald of the Mariner.
Thought about using Roac to play Mornaugrim, but settles with Wondrous Maps.
Mace of Anorien and all three Imlad Morgul sites given to Lady Galadriel. Ungolcrist too.
Wizard resource manifestions in decks.
Uttersouth fallen wizard will use Gaven as a Hidden Haven using Concealed Entrance, Walls Behind Walls, Enchanted Paths. That I think is the best, newest combo for me in this game.
Assignment Forsaken is genius fetching Light Enchantment. Might have fallen wizard fetch Ladnoca when baiting visits to Chennacatt, and using Wizard's Resolve. Wow.
Dream card dual dwarf characters given to Yellow Mountain Dwarf-lord; four new minion dwarves for minion dwarf player.
Ologong starts game for Ren.
New minion Ent allies for Uttersouth.
So this 48 player game I can put to rest now; not like it is coming back after a defeat from falling down a shaft into a power core and thought gone for good not to be reincarated in a woman from a desert planet walking the sky.