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Updates of FATE

Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 2:43 pm
by dirhaval
Hi, this new Sticky will be about updates on the FATE webspace.

Today, the 'index' page is blank. I will fix it this week and add more updates. For now, I am including the Warlord decks, FATE card lists, and preliminary information about FATE. ... g_page.htm

Chronicler of FATE

Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 4:50 am
by dirhaval
Yes, I know. The FATE webpage is down.

I am going to a new university in August 2008. There I will have
a new place for FATE.

Until then, I am organizing my files, completing the summaries
for the Fellowship and Fallen decks, and giving assistance to Nicolai.

Hopefully by August, I can devote myself to having others discuss
and shape FATE like Nicolai is doing with the Dreams.


Posted: Sat Aug 23, 2008 4:53 pm
by dirhaval
FATE is back-up on one of my accounts.

Here is the link. ... g_page.htm

Nicolai, others, and I have been extending the regions further south. Thus, this will change some of the decks. So, I think the best course of my actions will to assist the others and to do more refining of the rules. I will still add decks time and again, mostly for the fallen-avatars.

I am looking for more designers for FATE. Your ideas and comments are welcomed. See that your help is like an explorer. You will get to discover new lands and to name the rivers, mountains, and lakes.


Posted: Wed Sep 17, 2008 9:02 am
by Vastor Peredhil
Hi William & and all others,

I just read on your Fate home page that I will be in charge of the Endor project, I feel honored, but I cannot do it without you, not even the help of others as the project of a 36 or 40 player multiplayer game is much to big for you 1 or 2 minds to accomplish.

What are the next steps for FATE:

1st) Wigy is setting 4 player multiplayer tables up on his own GCCG server, so we could test all the decks in real game play, and I will just create the needed XML files for all dream cards necessary for all decks, as this will take much less time then creating XML set files, if only a few cards are needed from every other set. So this will be territory 4 player musltiplayer games, with all FATE rules, as factions Wars, et cetera.

So William and I are looking for 2 more players, not necessary familar with FATE but at least with some dream cards an mechanisms involved.

So Karsten, Eric, Mario, Bert, Wolfgang, Mark Alfono, Holger Fischer are all good players with several dream cards events experiance, which should be tempeted by this proposal.

2nd) I will further develop the Sun-lands expansion (the Sea-warden will be the minion War-lord in the area in charge of Saurons's forces in Bellakr, the hero player against them could be an avatar less men/dunadan mix based on the heir of the Tumakveh throne of Bellakar, as in some kind of guerilla war vs Sauron's occupation of the entire area)

Beyond that I will get started on a new Grey Player in the Utter South: The Court of Ardor (High-elves gone bad for the love of Star-lid nights, without a moon or sun at all in the world)
MECA will be a stand-alone expansion for this new player, as it will play mostly in the Utter South, but also RW players (Indur & Akhorahil) will benefit from this expansion.

3rd) finishing of the Durin's Folk & Great Wyrms as double expansion, on focussing on hero the other on minion resources.

4th) Finally finish of the Northern Waste so that all sites are available, as well as introducing another house for the Dwarves as well as a new Dragon-lord: Gostir the White Bane (or forked Tongue)

mfg Nicolai

Posted: Fri Nov 07, 2008 5:46 pm
by marcos
Vastor Peredhil wrote:So William and I are looking for 2 more players, not necessary familar with FATE but at least with some dream cards an mechanisms involved.

So Karsten, Eric, Mario, Bert, Wolfgang, Mark Alfono, Holger Fischer are all good players with several dream cards events experiance, which should be tempeted by this proposal.
count on me for any playtesting needed :)

Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:27 pm
by Dirhavel
Yes. That is my name. Dirhaval. I used to be called that. My name is Dirhavel.

Okay. I found some free time after moving over the States; 7 cities in 7 years. Vastor got me to login from
The reason for the new name (Dirhavel) is that the Dirhaval account is tied to an old, dead email.
I forgotten the pxwxoxrxd to it; I might remember it someday.

Great to see the dream cards growing; and the Maps! Wow. I have seen the maps that go to the Haragaer and to Talathant.Great!
I like to help in a limited way.
The main goal I see is to provide more cards and expansions for more fun.I agree with that. FATE is there to collect everything into a final showdown.
With Endor being explored, FATE is on hold; I will go back to it and tidy pieces as we go along, but no major deck building as before.
Yes, I made a new addition to the FATE game; the old had 40 players west of Talathant. Now I made it for 64 players of the MERP Endor.

I got to get these names right. Okay. Fate is the 40 player showdown to get to 20 players for the last war. So 40f for playing west of the Talathant.
64e is the Endor game that includes all cards for consideration.

Okay. 64e is 64 players in one game. Something to the effect of the 1000s of the Third Age in terms of culture.
64e will have no carry-overs of game results into 40f; 64e is a tournament based on MP only to see who
picks which avatar in no reliance on alliances. For now each white player will compete for its 20 40f slots; the black players will
be paired with one another minus dragons and balrogs for 10 slots, dragons for 2, balrogs for 2, Mouth and Rogrog for 2 slots.
The remaining 4 slots will be the losers with the higher MPs of the losers. I can explain later. So this is different than 40f in that
heros can go back to MECCG and influence away resources from one another and intense fighting between the balorgs and dragons with each's race can happen.
The 32 white players will have 8 for each race: man, dwarf, elf, and wizards....umm 5<>8. How about lesser wizards in pairs? 3 skills, 6 DI followers of the six lesser Valar?
Why not? Idea came from Hall of Fire RP online guides. You is that "wizard" was a common name in Eriador; 5 wizards only? Yes, there were chalatans and evil mages,
but really why not?

So, I have rough draft of the 64 players, locations, and Divisions already..I just need the cards for expansion.

A chance meeting they say at the Carrock. Vastor is making new cards; great. Well, he is using the expanded map. My 64e uses the MERP map.
I see how some folks do not like Fate, which is fine; they can take what pieces he likes and discard the rest. I will help with the expanded map project, but would like
to focus on the MERP portions. :)

This is what I have done to help in the past; let me know if it is still good:
Take the new card text and place it in a WORD file for organization, make spreadsheets with maps, characters, and such.

I have gone through the following this year: Sunlands, Dominions, Court, and Chy. What about 500 cards.
Mappings west of Talathant with region type, sites, playables, and soon characters.
extensive character listing with macros to place groups into comments. so if you want to know the number of W/R nando elves I got that right here.
Number of Sc/Sa in the Uttersouth territory that too. Oh, the names of all 4/0/5/8 characters? that too.
Working on a similar s/s for sites; I got it already but with new havens I need to fix the linking.

So I can put text in WORD and organize it.
I am a stickler to "start" with character stat making on what has been done and to keep a pattern. For example, you got nine 7-mind elves in Utter south and one such man? not working.
Try again. The new characters I made do fit a pattern: try to get a minion and hero mix of skills so to fill each 10 double-skill slot, and mind spread to have a good deck.
Again: it is a starting point.

I used that MERP LOME guide for dwarven names and tribes. Okay not all the tribes have equal dwarves, so not totally fitting to the LOME, but close.
I already made stats for 117 dwarves: each tribe included with roughly a good mix at each major dwarf region (far north, yellow, wind, red, and Chy).
Some minions too. Each tribe has one 7-mind, 6-mind, and 8-mind dwarf. Some women dwarves too. however, I think you guys are reducing
the minds of non-MECCG dwarves, which is fine with me. Let me know what bar you are using. No 7+ minders anymore? I do like the idea
to make non MECCG characters less powereful mostly, but we need to keep the new lands worthwhile to play..heck I like the Sunlands a O bunch.

I like how the Dragon Lords got cut down in number; ya I remember endorsing making every dragon a Lord.
Some feedback. Like the new race subtypes, and site subtypes like oasis.

Again 64e is there to showcase each territory's gems to get MP. So I would like to see an almost all-hobbit deck in Eriador.
Why, Mayor, Fealty Sworn, Sting, Ent draughts on Bullroarer Maybe a wose/petty dwarf deck in the White mountains.
However, it seems the Fate decks may not change much since those lands have been pretty much settled in dream cards.
But I will review everything anyway.
This is going to be great; something to do at age 90 on the beach playing 40f with my buddies!

That is it for now.


Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2013 10:10 am
by Vastor Peredhil
Hey seems you really have returned, still using gccg platform to organize via some collection filters seems easiest for many of the things you plan!

Our plans for the east actually include 1 more Balrog and 1-2 more dragon-lords even, of course all must be sound we also like Fankil the Demon to play a role but this is too far in the future

I do believe we might be a bit conservative on high minders for other regions but Bay of Ormal & COurt of Ardor have their share in it!

Bullroarer Took is still not a card we included, just hi golf club

GCCG seems the only actually way to even get even close to 20 players to play FATE decks ;)

just me 2 cents

Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:11 pm
by dirhaval
The last three months I have been working on the Fate 40player decks; just the hero decks. My, there are many cards I had to view and understand.
Looking to post those decks on a new webpage of mine...when I get that going too. Right now, I am thinking about keeping Hoarmurath in Iron Mountains
and setting a Dunadan Warlord in Umbar to face Lord Imrahil. Fankil seems to be too isolated to cause trouble and he might go into the Underdeeps,
which no one will bother him much. If Fankil does get included, then I need to devise some "earth-shattering" prize he is seeking to grasp. Shelob's sister?
Gollum as a player sounds nice, but I like to get more minions in play...may be setting
Celedhring as a Warlord using Stinker to find the One Ring; the dark elf will search for the Elven Rings too.
Some decks did not change, but some changed much.I hope to get n gccg when these hero decks are done; no fallen avatars to start the game of 5 divisions.

Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:38 pm
by dirhaval
Hi. I received feedback this week. I will begin posting up support and background information
of Fate, Including the meanings of how the deck pages are organized.
I will use numbers as the prefix to my posts so you can organize them in your view.

At the bottom of the SHOWCASE page, sort by SUBJECT to know what I mean.
I might stop using stickys except for vital news.

Thank you visiting this discussion forum.

Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:01 am
by dirhaval
With the move of the entire website the documents for FATE were abandoned on the old server.
Give me some time to upload them all. I will do so before I update other changes so you know what is new.
I will write another message when the old files are up.

Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 4:13 pm
by dirhaval
As you can see the old files are not linked to the forum; soon after the unlinking
I asked the forum master about this. He quickly relinked the pages - something about
my files were mistakenly broken from the links. But it was simple and quick to fix.

I am reviewing the Minion decks now. The Eriador and Wilderland Divisions are complete.
Durlach's deck and summary are almost complete. Then I will work on the Demons and two Dragon-Decks
creating and playtesting. These decks have not been posted; I will post the decks before I embark
on writing the summaries and playtesting.

Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2014 12:38 am
by dirhaval
This post is made instead of updating a few decks with minor changes.
I want to see many if not all cool weapons in play.
Smaug's deck is being made. He will play Thong of Fire just for the hoard points (i.e. store). Yes, that is boring.
Throkmaw was going to play Thong of Fire. Now, Throkmaw will play Dragon-Scales with the simple way to play it at Long Peak.
Throkmaw is currently playing Azog's Scimiatar. Azog is playing Dwarf-chopper and Orc-Cuirass.

Bone-Basher played by Durlach was difficult moving far east. Now, Mouth will play that weapon on Ukog the Lame. Elfhewer goes to Lt. of DG.
Now, this player needs to visit Moria to play Bone-Basher.
Durlach now gets Bloodspike, which was controlled by Tuma from the Aradagor player. Bloodspike is easier to play at Amon Anlug.
Tuma will now play Anguirel in the under-deeps for protection from Felagrog's minions and avoids Zarak Dum in Angmar.

I had to make these changes in the correct order.
On a funny note, I was thinking about using Honey as the 2 MP treasure item for Scales and Jewels on Smaug.

Bilbo: Your sweetness is beyond measure O Smaug.

Does Smaug use a honey-comb to fix his scales?

Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 11:30 pm
by dirhaval
The Power Decks are being made.
Such decks are difficult for the White and Black Players since those
can transfer cards after the Councils. I do not want to spend time
on a deck that needs many specific uniques to work. Therefore, I will explain
the purpose of the deck and provide the best cards for that player.

What I am saying is that: Imagine being able to start a game
with any resource and character you want. That is one of the purposes of FATE.
Sort of the dwarves in the armoury of Erebor before the Battle of Five Armies.

Also, I will be updating Avatar Decks since I discovered some resources
need to be played so to be ready for the Power Decks.

I was thinking about keeping sites in the discard pile for the players
continuing with a Power Deck since Turns 21-24 will be the third deck.
So if you tapped sites in those few turns of your THIRD deck, then you were not having
fun moving factions or CvCC. Again, not good to speed through your deck.

I made these Power Decks years ago, so I am just tweaking them now.
Gandalf's deck has a minor change, which may disturb you. Guess where
he moves to on Turn 1 from Rivendell? If you guess Tom's House then you are right.
And on Turn 9 the Ringbearer has used region movement to move to Rhubar. !?!
That is right. I made some paths for the Ringbearer to get to Mount Doom,
but not right away. What fun would that be to dunk on Turn 3 of the Power Decks?

Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 7:54 pm
by dirhaval
I am embarking on something new. I have compiled the eight Eriador Division
decks into the same game-simulating spreadsheet.

The last month I have simulated Gandalf, Elrond, Witchking, and Balin in solo games.
I will be simulating this 8-player game for the 24-turn avatar deck this summer.
This game will be like the 1-player games to randomly draw hands for all other players
for the MOVE phase playing hazards, except for the other Eriadorian players.

By the way, Balin has abandoned the use of New Tunnels and Gnawed Ways.

My goals for this game are:
1-determine if a One Ring Hero player can survive in the wild
2-Can Elrond have all the required resources in hand to fulfill Glory of Arnor Restored?
3-Can Balin be successful on the surface with low-prowess/body dwarves?
4-How will two Warlord players be fun while competing in the same area?
5-How will a Dwarf-avatar Grey player be accepted?
6-Can a Ringwraith tap many times and move to have successful site phases all in 16 turns without getting killed?
7-How will a RIngwraith/Nazgul deck handle itself late in the game?
8-Finalize the use of Long/Permanent Events affecting other players. <----MAJOR ISSUE

I will be documenting the game in each deck's WORD file. I might upload the files after 8-turn intervals for viewing.

Re: Updates of FATE

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 6:17 pm
by dirhaval
It has been more than a month since my last post.
The Fate game of 8 players is on hold after Turn 16. I am getting the Lidless Eye deck uploaded into it.
Since the last post I have been doing the following:
-Updating many Hero decks including removing my own created characters
-adding all cards minus MEGW resource cards to the master PLAY spreadsheet. There are about 3000 cards. MEGW will be put in later.
-making Dream Decks of 30/30.

These Dream Decks will have 1/3 dream cards including a hazard deck theme. I am not a fan
of the generic hazard permanent-event deck for friendly games so I will make a theme for the hazards.
Then I will play these decks against those decks already posted here.