A Fateful Party....for 33!

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A Fateful Party....for 33!

Post by dirhaval » Sat Mar 03, 2007 12:38 am

I will be viewing the names that Nicolai has on his expansion email list to
see if they are here too. I will invite them to this development board.

The Librarian over at meccg.net is the lead for the Lords of M-E multiplayer forum. He has not posted a thread since May 2006. Fate is a little different than multiplayer rules, but not on a higher level or dimension. Fate integrates the players into a highly interactive game. I will list the themes of Fate different and similar than multiplayer games, like Lures 2007.

1. Everyone knows the avatars in the game well in advance.
2. MECCG rules are slightly changed to enhance and encourage CVCC
3. Many new expansions are available
4. Some avatars/players who start the game will not be there at the end
5. Players who are allies (Wizards, Ringwraiths) can make their decks
6. It is not a game of every man/elf for-themselves
7. Some players will make new decks sometime during Fate
8. There will be a minimum of 12 players to start Fate.

Things to do:
:arrow: Invite others
:arrow: Look and think about the feedback I receive
:arrow: Make a schedule of topics to work on
:arrow: Arrange moving material on Meccg.net to CoE
:arrow: Determine how/when to introduce material. Should we start over?

Fate has now became public. Shares are ready to be sold (i.e. I am not the big boss man anymore with Fate; it is now an open, growing way to play Fate) I am the chronicler who posts what this development board agrees to post. I think that we all like to take our time to analyze topics before they are posted. It is time to fermet some 1420.


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