One Ring Triplet

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One Ring Triplet

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I've been remiss in constructing decks so far. Here's my first shot at a triplet of decks based on the theme 'Rings':

Hero: Gandalf: Hobbits & Galadriel dunk the One Ring (already constructed)
(1*) Cracks of Doom or Gollum's Fate
(2) Play Phial of Galadriel
(3) Play The Riddle Game
(4) Hazard: turn an opponent's character Traitor
(5) Cancel an attack with Gollum
(6) Use the One Ring to cancel a strike or to influence someone away
(7) -1 VP: Opponent plays Padding Feet

Fallen Wizard: Saruman: Ugluk & 2 Sly Southerners, Wormy & Theoden
(1*) Play The White Hand
(2) Bring Liquid Fire to minion Wellinghall
(3) Play Trouble on All Borders on the Riders of Rohan faction
(4) Use a Dwarven Ring or Magic Ring or something
(5) dunno
(6) Hazard (Assuming Orc/Men hazards): do something nifty with them
(7) -1 VP: Opponent plays Windlord at Isengard (special erratum to allow minion deck to play this card?)

Minion: Lidless Eye: Covert Ringplayers in Rohan and surrounding area?
(1) Bring the One Ring to BD
(2) Use Durin's Ring to untap a site
(3) Successfully play Black Rain
(4) Malady opponent
(5) Hazard: Return an opponent's character to his hand (call of home vs Saruman, pilfer vs Gandalf)
(6) Dunno
(7) -1 VP: Dunno

Any thoughts?


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