Aya Madam, it is common (rares not to overuse)

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Aya Madam, it is common (rares not to overuse)

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List of rares to try to avoid in the intermediate challenge decks:

Mouth of Sauron
Uvatha the Horseman
Daelomin at Home
Revealed to All Watchers
Rolled Down to the Sea
Longbottom Leaf (and all other balrog expansion cards)
Gandalf the White Rider
Lady of the Golden Wood
Chill / Elf-Lord
(your thoughts here)...


Hey Mark,

Actually, I only think that these rares shouldn't exist in the same deck... in other words, it's fine and even useful to have a mouth in one deck, a uvatha in other. Benefit? There'll be those people who are goint to Intermed decks without having used real ones, and this will 'teach' them how to use a VERY common tourney rare. In fact, i think this exposure is very useful. Revealed is also a good mechanics-card that it should be in. Don't forget they are "intermediate" level, which basically means they should be hard to use.


I think that was the idea: not to ban them completely, but to use them sparingly, preferably just once or twice in the set of decks.


Yes, I think these should all be used once or twice, just not in every deck.


I suggest using unique rare hazards only once in total, non-unique rares a maximum of three times. Balrog "rares" only once. That way it wouldn't be too hard to build the decks irl from a good collection. Once we get the initial versions of decks done, we might also want to limit the number of cards like Twilight, which will most likely be played in every deck.


I would say Mikko that your suggesting should be a guiding 2ndary principle but not a primary one.

If every deck *needs* a Mouth of Sauron (a silly example I know), in order to achieve best play and balance, then so be it.

If a deck or two *needs* 3 Longbottoms for the same reason, then so be it.

IMHO, the goal is to make the make "dream" decks possible, esp. since they are primarily for GCCG play, not the most feasible, nor best suited for tournament play.

I would not restrict your design, prima facie, to such a guideline, though it may be in the back of your mind.

HOWEVER, because we are creating the most closed environment in MECCG play, give you the freedom to leave out common power-Rares and use weak uncommon U's and C's. This is keeping in with the design principle of using underused cards from the collection.

One last thought, the closed environment allows one to take advantage of the existence of autos-attacks and put in normally hard to play hazards. Most constructed and BCD can handle both played hazards and autos w/out blinking w/ their multiple cancelers and boosters. In the ICD, you can limit the resources so that you can give the opponent hazards which have less likelilhood of "real" success, knowing that the autos have to be taken seriously.

How does that sound?


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