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Deck Themes

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Greg has told me he wants the following themes for the first 10 decks. Let's discuss:


Gandalf: One Ring /Agents& Speed Spawn vs Hero + Spiders vs Minions

Alatar: Mithril/Roadblock vs Hero +undead vs minions

Pallando- Palantir/Ithil Stone/Undead-Auto vs Hero + MaiaElves vs Minions


Lidless Eye: Treason, Agents Nazgul

Adunaphel Dragon Factions

Witch-King is Sean's Shire deck

Balrog--whatever works

Fallen Wizard:

Saruman Orc Faction/Orc Hazard vs Hero + Men vs. Minions

FW Radagast Ents&Allies/InfluenceAlly Destruction vs Hero + Animals/Plant etc. vs Minions


I think we should leave the hazard strats to one side for now. First, let's just discuss resources.

I'm not happy with all the items on this list. I'll make comments on each deck.

Gandalf: This looks fine.

Alatar: I think Mithril is not the way to go with one of the first 10 decks. There's many more interesting (and do-able) themes than this. The blue wizards are supposed to go into the South, right? His home site in Edhellond, right? Let's make an Alatar-in-the-south deck!

Pallando: This makes more sense. Pallando should be playing with fate.

Lidless Eye: Treason is a side-strat at best, not a full strat. We need to come up with something else here.

Adunaphel: Adunaphel?? Let's go with a Khamul Burn deck, I say. Much more thematic, interesting, etc.

WK: The Shire combo is impossible. How about Shadow-Magi?

Balrog: Lord and Usurper anyone? He's got missions; let's make him do one. If not L&U, how about Great Army or Descent Through Fire?

Saruman: Strident Spawn seems the perfect thing for this ugly mofo.

Radagast: Ents... boring, but thematic. Any other ideas? Maybe something allowing him to use his shapeshifter cards?


Is Lidless Eye necessary? Yeah it's cool to be Sauron and all, but you can't use it in games against other minion decks. So if you do a full Sauron strategy with cancels and faction boost cards, they won't work...

As for fallen-Radagast, this could be the moment to try out Winged Change-master (assuming we won't pack too many rivers in decks). He could fly around getting some cool factions. With The Great Eagles, Black Bird and four other allies (could be ents) Girdle would be playable at Rhosgobel Smile


Gene Berry emailed some comments:

The Istari wrote:
He can do what he likes. On the deck changes he recommended I'd say
> 1) Alatar Hero (we felt we needed an Underdeeps deck of some sort,
> substitute another resource/wizard approach for the Underdeeps is there
> is a better one)
> 2) Lidless Eye (any strategy here is doable. The question was to find one
> the Lidless Eye was absolutely necessary for)
> 3) Adunaphel was chosen as one possibility to get the Dragon Factions,
> since these are a relatively cool and unique Minion capability (vs. just
> getting points with items, factions etc.) Any deck with Dragon factions
> will do here.
> 4) as for Witch-king/Shire. Sean knows how possible or not it is. I think
> with only 10 deck closed universe it should be possible. Need an opposite
> to the One Ring/Gandalf. This seemed well juxtaposed. Sean had a 5 turn
> deck with fairly high probability of success.
> 5) flying radagast is great. Just find the absolute best use of flying.
> Without flying the best use of radagast, given the other decks seemed to
> be allies en masse. Dave Stegman liked this as the ideal Ally doubling
> point deck, mostly for the hazards.
> 6) Mark should deck out the Balrog in as cool and thematic a way as he
> can dream up. Descent through Fire may be the coolest here.
> So in summary I'd like to see a hero Underdeeps somewhere and a Minion
> Dragon Faction Deck somewhere. Whether that is Alatar, adunpahel or
> whoever is not that material to me. The key is we were trying to
> illustrate as many possible modes of resources and hazards as we could
> here, not necessarily those that were sensical. The decks should stretch
> to accomplish legendary feats in their respective dimensions since it is
> a closed universe, and therefore somewhat easier than conventional
> metagaming.
> Of course that was just our idea from an evening. Mark & Co may have
> thought this out more carefully and have far broader playing experience.
> Back to work for now,
> Gene


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