Are the Mirkwood Powers really "Contested"?

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Are the Mirkwood Powers really "Contested"?

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I have been looking into a "Contested Powers in Mirkwood" scenario based on MENE Sample Deck 1 (Necromancer + Contested Powers) and MEFB Sample Deck 1 (Thranduil + Clean the Greenwood). Is this a good idea? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, I am confused about how Contested Powers is supposed to work.

Say Thranduil goes to all this effort of Destroying the Towers, facing the Orcs, Trolls, and Nazgul, and he is preparing for the last battle against the discordant Maia to invert Wholesome Forest. But then on the following turn, the Necromancer burns ricks, cot, and a few trees.

Now what does Thranduil do now? If he faces the Maia and succeeds, then Wholesome Forest becomes inverted. But then on the following turn, the Necromancer may Smoke Wind/Burn Rick, and flip Wholesome Forest back over to Contested Powers, losing the MP. But the Necromancer cannot do this because if he inverts his Land of the Necromancer first, then Thranduil can face the Maia for Towers and flip the Necromancer's Land.

So, there is a stalemate...

And also, should the "flip" on these cards also include "un-inverting"? Because otherwise Thranduil can just tap a faction to re-flip his inverted Contested Powers back into an inverted Wholesome Forest. And then the Necromancer can tap a faction to re-flip. And then they both get MPs because the flip is only triggered by the inversion -- so the land is both Wholesome yet Necromantic? But also, given the wording on the cards, the minion version will re-invert itself based on the BRC&Ts placed with it while Thranduil will need to Pass the Doors to invert a second time? And he cannot invert a 3rd time?

It seems like inverting one of these should prevent the inversion of the other and also prevent the flipping of Contested Powers. Or maybe flipping also causes the card to un-invert? Otherwise there is no "contest" -- both can win.
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