Middle-earth: The Northern Waste

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Should Middle-earth: The Northern Waste (MENW) be made fully compatible with standard DC gaming?

1) All MENW cards should be allowed in a DCGO format.
2a) MENW sites should not be allowed in a DCGO format (but characters, resources and hazards should).
No votes
2b) MENW characters and sites should not be allowed in a DCGO format (but resources and hazards should).
2c) MENW characters, sites and hazards should not be allowed in a DCGO format (but resources should).
No votes
3) Some MENW cards should be allowed in a DCGO format, others should not (the designers decide case by case).
4) MENW cards should be reserved for scenario use only.
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Re: Middle-earth: The Northern Waste

Post by CDavis7M »

Roll a 3 for 5 mind Gloin to influence 3MP B.M. Dwarves
Roll a 5 for 6 mind Theoden to influence 3MP Riders of Rohan
Roll a 6 for 6 mind Raudabern to influence 2MP Berningas

I'd risk rolling a 2 or 3 all day, and a 4 for 2MP no problem. But risking a roll of 5 or less is a big ask because now I feel like I need an influence booster, which is taking up space, I'm waiting to draw it. And I'm probably not be playing other factions that need boosters. Like if I am playing Beornings or Bees, they do not need influence it. So then put 1 muster in my deck?

Berningas must have a great effect right? No, no it doesn't. It cancels a bear attack against a company in the Northern Waste. There are 3 bear creatures that can attack with 2 not being playable in the NW. And the 1 bear creature that can attack, if you are playing Raudabern you are most likely not wanting to cancel the attack with Berningas, you will be making the bear an Ally with Peaceful Coexistance.

Cancellation of Skin Changers is nice, but its contingent on tapping, so you can still get sent back.


And then going back to Raudabern, he is just a crappy Beorn and redundant. Raudabern has 1 less mind, but 2 less prowess and 1 less body. Raudabern's effect seems nice but all it does is let him have the same prowess as real Beorn when Beorn is wounded. And Beorn can Muster the Berninga's... Raudabern is another Warrior/Ranger. Worse than Beorn, worse than Grimbeorn...


It's also a disappointment that there is really no viable Berning/Umit deck that you can build. Draw Swords is not in the released sets so Sprautabern is in the deck, and he is 4 mind so Raudabern cannot control him. You have Galgrinic and he is decent.

But then you have 3 made up Umits. Ukkojalka (apparently the snowmen's name for Ice Giants?) And then Marin and Roin? No idea where they come from but it's not Northern Waste.

But then Isarnabloma is actually mentioned in NW as a Berning warrioress, and she doesn't get included.


Anyway, just having trouble playtesting NW because I can't actually design a deck that is not Tears of Yavanna or Friends of Winter. It seems like the design space is so small for MENW cause, also, the sites are not that great. There is no reason for a non-NW deck to go to the NW besides Helecthil, Light of the North.

I just can't build a Northern Waste deck that is better than the MERP NW's Sample Deck for MECCG. Berningas, Umli Traders, and Galgrin's Hammer are just not going to B.M. Dwarves, Rangers of the North, and Orcrist.
NW Sample Deck.PNG
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Re: Middle-earth: The Northern Waste

Post by CDavis7M »

How is Cembereth supposed to work?


The Easy Way:
  • Start at Evermist
  • Tap 3 elves to place 3 Saplings with Cembereth.
  • Enjoy your easy 3 MP from the 3 Saplings and go about your business.
The Hard Way:
  • Start at Evermist
  • Tap 3 few elves to place 3 Saplings with Cembereth.
  • Move to a R&L in the NW.
  • Play an item at the site and then tap a Sage to play Banishment so that Banishment doesn't discard itself when you play the item.
  • Alternative 1:
    • Flip Cembereth, which unfortunately means that you can no longer play Banishment at non-Undead sites (there is only 1 Undead site)
    • "Store" one Sapling by placing it with Banishment, giving you the same 1MP you already had when it was placed "off to the side" with Cembereth
    • Fail to play anymore Banishments because Cembereth is not face up.
  • Alternative 2:
    • Don't flip Cembereth, so that you can continue to play Banishments.
    • Realize you cannot store a Sapling because The Greening of the North is not face up.
    • Go to 2 different sites to play Banishment, then flip Cembereth, and then go back to each site AGAIN in order store a Sapling for 0 MP gain.

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