Firstborn/Durin's Folk reprint (along with Nortern Waste)?

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I also would like a copy of all of the released DC sets to date, having missed the earlier printings.
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Sign me up for Northern Legacy and all future DC sets!
Commander Thrawn
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Also if it changes the math at all I'm likely interested in two playsets.
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I already posted, but need to add Necromacer set too :D So count me in for all 3 reprints, as well as all new releases [-me_eye-] If able to get multiple sets of each, I would like 2 copies, please :wink:
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I too would like to reserve for a copy of each set being considered for a printing, I guess that would include (if available)
Durin’s Folk
The Necromancer
The Northern Waste
Morgoth’s Legacy


I'm really excited to get a set of these whenever it can get printed!
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Hello! I would like to reserve a copy of Firstborn/Durin's Folk reprint.
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I'm new to this game and have just gotten some MECCG cards. I would love to have a copy of all the dc cards released to date. The art looks gorgeous!
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I'm getting back into the game after a long hiatus and just learning about the DC sets. If this is still a possibility please sign me up for 2 sets of each of the DC sets and the Northern Wastes.

On another note, is this idea still on the table or did I miss the boat? I read through the past posts but was unclear if the print run had been made. Thanks!
Vastor Peredhil
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hey tolen,

nah we move in shadows, but when we print will post about it, normally we only allow 1 DC set per person though, but your name will be put on the list for everything to come still

yours Nicolai
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My name os Enrique, from Spain. I’m learning to play because I don’t play for about 20 years . Is posible to get a copy of this display???. Thanks
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Hi, I'm interested in the new Set, too.

If you plan a reprint of the Necromancer Set, I'm interested, too.

Best regards
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Hi,I’d like to get one of each DC set TNW and ML.I forgot if I am already on the list.Firstborn,Necromancer and Durins Folk are awesome.Great Job DC Team.😀 Uwe
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Please sign me up for the reprint of Firstborn, Durin's Folk and Necromancer. Also would like the Northern Waste and Morgoth's Legacy when they are ready :)

Roy Nyvold
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Put me on the list as another late-comer to the prints/reprints of any and all. (Or Morgoth’s Legacy and all follow on sets; I understand that I am on the tail end of the lists here (still trying to figure out where exactly this thread started and where we are at here with the information)

You guys have created some great stuff, but where is the Heir of the House of Hador, I wonder?
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Hello there.

I would like to get a copy of the newer sets:

The Northern Waste
Morgoth’s Legacy

(I have the three previous sets, lucky me)
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