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AZPhoenixPlayer wrote: Mon Jul 24, 2023 7:12 pm Is there any update for shipping to those in the US? It seems like every post here and on discord is for overseas. Just trying to make sure I haven’t been missed.
We are still sending out stuff in waves, but once your's in the mail, tracking should be available and you should recieve an email about it

yours Nicolai
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If there are any copies left over when everything has been sent out, I would be very interested in buying one of each. Apologies for my late entry here.
Constant Leon
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Just want to also put my name down if there is any left over copies. Can make an immediate payment. I am based in Australia.

I'd be happy to get any and all of the sets and happy to sign the forms as needed.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi all

Like previous personn, i am looking for ordre these dc sets.
I have fullfilled the needed forms, and send them by mail.

If there is any left over copies, I can make an immediate payment :)
I am based in France

Other question : beside these two sets, is there a way to get the previous printed DC set if it exists ? (Or maybe so far there is only The Northen Waste and Morgoth's Legacy printed ?)

Thank you
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I have found the other forms. So i have fullfilled the 3 forms and sent them by mail !
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