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Post by dirhaval » Sun Mar 22, 2015 12:15 am

Excuse me if this is explained somewhere. I am unable to find information for battle-ground status
either in the rules or here on this forum.

I was thinking these rules are:
Multiple leaders & Warlords of the same player can be at a battle-ground site,
Avatar company composition is ignored such that a Ringwraith can be at the same site as non-Ringwraith chararacters of the same player,'
company size limitations are ignored,
company race type limitations are ignored.

Please enlighten me on battle-ground status. I am sure I will like them.
Thank you.

Vastor Peredhil
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Re: Battleground

Post by Vastor Peredhil » Sun Mar 22, 2015 6:18 pm

well the MERN rules are found within SVN installation were all the rules are stored
Factions at sites
You may (at any time) tap a leader to bring any of your factions in his current region to his current site, or vice versa. If the site is a Battle-ground site, any of your characters may tap in this fashion (not just leaders). The faction is then at the site and is not considered in the region. The following applies:
• A hero player may garrison a faction by moving it to a Haven, Free-hold or Border-hold (the faction is garrisoned). Overt factions cannot be garrisoned at such a site.
• A hero player may besiege a Shadow-hold or Dark-hold, by moving a faction to such a site (the faction is besieging and the site is besieged).
• A minion player may garrison a faction by moving it to a Darkhaven, Dark-hold or Shadow-hold.
• A minion player may besiege a Free-hold or Border-hold, by moving a faction to such a site.
• A faction at a site may not move. Exception: factions at Under-deeps sites may move, if they are allowed to by card effect.
• If there is no leader at the site (or any character for a Battle-ground site), any besieging factions return to their current region and the site is no longer besieged.

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Re: Battleground

Post by dirhaval » Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:31 am

Thank you.

I go to the following to read the rules and see the cards: ... rld/rules/

I do not have yet the auto-update on my computer, so may be I am reading an older file.

Oh. I was thinking too that Call of Home, Call of the Sea and Muster Disperses are nullified
at a battleground site.

Please note that my current Power Decks do not have the official battleground rules; I will have
to go back to revise the battles somewhat.

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Re: Battleground

Post by Thorsten the Traveller » Wed Mar 25, 2015 9:46 pm

Interesting suggestions for Battlegrounds! But do you think there are sufficient Battleground sites to justify these rules, outside faction-battling context, and from a game-mechanical perspective? Theme is nice, but we end up with a phonebook worth of rules.

We could give more standard sites a Battleground status, but really, most sites have been a battleground at some point, from Minas Tirith to Dol Guldur to Lonely Mountain to Bag End :wink:
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Re: Battleground

Post by dirhaval » Sun Mar 29, 2015 7:14 pm

I have lost my master site list a year ago, so I am not away of the number of battleground sites.
I do remember there were a few of them. May be about 10? I do like that there are only a few
such normal battleground sites. May be there can be a resource that forms such a site
upon certain conditions. I am aware of the Lord Denethor resource. But I can see only
to make havens as battleground from the play of a resource.

Yes, FATE is much into battles so it concepts are not appropriate for general play.
I too do not want a phone book of rules. The large battles in FATE are for players who
have nothing else to do so the player can pour almost all of his characters into a site or region.

So, I would not want to expand the number of normal battle ground sites. However, I like to consider
my suggestions for the Dream Cards but encumber them with restrictions such as:
*need a mustering card in play, which means moving the factions to a battle ground site
*at least one faction must be at the site or in the region to artificially make the site a battleground
*the site type cannot be changed by a resource unless the resource is worth more than 1 MP
*normal rules such as leader, Ringwraith company and race company compositions are imposed if no enemy
faction is in the region or at the site

However, these rules though seem useless since who will devote so much value to a battleground? Does not
the player need to keep playing MPs?

In summary, my suggestions are just that - suggestions better suited for specific play where 10 MP of factions of a player
will move to the same site for a showdown. I was thinking of such suggestions while making the Mouth Power Deck.
He has 14 factions targeting Gondor and four companies with specific missions.

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