DCR #1

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DCR #1

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Can you please explain which devious tactics this DCR prevents?
I am assuming that the DCR was made necessary by the fact that someone tried to play something unintended in the rules.


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Re: DC Rules, Rulings & Errata

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Gollum51, I believe this DCR refers to using cards like War-forges or Possessions of the High/Wood Elves as a starting stage card. It is is ambiguous under the base rules as to whether this is allowed, but this DCR confirms that in the DC setting it is indeed allowed.

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Re: DC Rules, Rulings & Errata

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The reasons behind DCR #1 are not to prevent devious tactics, but to expand the possibilities. It sprang from the discussion here

As stated above, the DC Rulings thread should remain free of discussions (or it will be huge in the end), so these posts will be moved to another thread.

DCR #1 Rationale:
- As Fallen-wizard player (and by default Lord-player), you may start with up to 3 stage cards, if the conditions to play them exist.
- It is in fact not 100% clear when one may/must select a starting site. The ME:TW and ME:LE rules state (under Getting Ready to Play, nr. 3), that this is after characters are played (in the Draft).
- ME:WH rules states that starting stage cards are played as if characters.
- This would mean one cannot start stage cards playable on a site, as there is no target to play them on.
- However, a specific exception is made for Hidden Haven, in the CRF (under 'stage resources'). It was ruled one may start this card and immediately play a starting site with it. Nb. this was the only card in ME:WH playable on a site, that one would be allowed to start the game with, under standard meccg rules.
- As we have additional rules allowing a FW to start at different sites than the ones outlined by ME:WH, and as we have more stage cards playable on a site, we would like to take this ruling and extend it to accomodate our new rules and new cards. Hence the decision to make DCR #1.

Note: in the order as given in standard meccg rules (the Starter Rules in fact), minor items are played after characters and starting site. Resource events played in lieu of a minor item (e.g. Towers Destroyed) do therefore not present a timing issue.

1. the ruling in CRF does contradict the order of preparation for play as outlined in the standard rules, if only for Hidden Haven. Perhaps we should take this clue and allow ourselves more liberties for determining this order in general. We could allow people to select starting characters, site, and resources, in any order they choose, or even allow them to draw their starting hand first (as we do in Arda games). What new issues could arise?

2. as DC rules allow companies to start at sites other than the ones in Arthedain or Rhudaur, DCR #1 in its current form makes the creation of Wizardhavens at various places possible and could promote even more squatting. Is this desirable, and/or should we exclude some cards from it, like Hidden Haven or Chambers in the Royal Court? Nb. options to start a Hidden Haven other than in Arthedain/Rhudaur are very limited, as very few characters have a Ruins & Lairs as home site.
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