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Re: DCGO at Lure XVII

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:41 pm
by Vastor Peredhil
Sry, but that is not fully true, in DC one may play Sauron in any of its 3 Versions against hero and grey players , so only Balrog will be an option there

Re: DCGO at Lure XVII

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:12 am
by Grishnakh
Also a manifestation of Sauron (The Lidless Eye, Sauron or The Necromancer) is only playable vs. White Players (Wizard, FW or Lords) and grey Players in DC.
But in GO you can build 2 decks, 1 vs. White and grey Players (for example with a Sauron manifestation) and 1 deck vs. Black Players (minion RW player).
Both decks must have the same alignment (minion in this case), but the deck vs. White and Grey Players can contains a Sauron manifestation, but the second deck vs. minions none.

Re: DCGO at Lure XVII

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 12:01 pm
by Thorsten the Traveller
It was a successful tournament with cool decks and new ideas. Despite the unfortunate absense of some DC regulars, there were 14 players. Let's try to top that next year with the realisation of The Necromancer!

Kudos to Karsten for making a Riddling deck work (and sorry I had to capture Tupor, bring him to Dol Guldur for some Interrogation, after he stole my Arkenstone ;-))

DCGO Lure XVII results:

1 Mario (Balrog) 20
2 Eric (Ringwraith - Hoarmûrath) 20
3 Michel (Dwarf-lord) 18
4 Heiko (Wizard - Gandalf) 17
5 Albert (Elf-lord - Elrond) 14
6 Charles (Fallen-wizard - Saruman) 13
7 Karsten (Elf-lord - Galadriel) 12
8 Hervé (Elf-lord - Thranduil) 12
9 Jordy (Wizard) 10
10 Nicolai (Ringwraith - Hoarmûrath) 8
11 Björn (Balrog) 8
12 Ludovic (Elf-lord - Elrond) 7
13 Dominique (Elf-lord - Thranduil) 6
14 Denis (Dwarf-lord - Dáin) 6