Bilbo's Magic Ring & Rumor of ring

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Bilbo's Magic Ring & Rumor of ring

Post by Silivren » Fri Oct 19, 2018 8:37 am

The question is in the title !
Is the first one playable on the second one ?
Thanks !

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Re: Bilbo's Magic Ring & Rumor of ring

Post by rezwits » Sat Oct 20, 2018 7:49 am

Many times, new rulings take flight from other rulings. Using the ruling of Arwen:

Arwen can only use her Direct Influence bonus for Aragorn II, not Strider. This is because a manifestation of an entity is not the same as that named entity [Van 583].


This is because a manifestation of an entity is not the same as that named entity.


During your organization phase, you may take one ring special item (except for The One Ring) from your sideboard and place it "off to the side" with this card.

So using "Standard Netrep Rulings" then YES YOU ABSOLUTLEY CAN.

BUT... and here is the bad news:

Using the LATEST DC General Rules 1.0.pdf

the answer is NO NO NO:

Manifestation rules:
 If a card mentions a specific character or resource as requirement to be played or to take an effect, you may normally substitute that with any other character c.q. resource manifestation of the mentioned card.
Examples: - Vilya may be played on Elrond Half-elven as if on Elrond.
- Strider may use Athelas as if Aragorn II.
- Arwen has +7 DI against Strider and Thorongil.
- The Precious can be played on a character in the company with Bilbo’s Magic Ring. Exception: Return of the King and Army of the Dead may only be played on/by Aragorn II.

Which means since Bilbo's Ring is a manifestation of "The One Ring" you CAN'T use Rumours of Rings, when playing strictly Dreamcards vs Dreamcards.

This is a good thing...


n.b. If for some reason your play group just adds 1 or 2 dreamcards to a deck here and there, this is somewhat frowned upon. And it is suggested to construct an actual DC deck, and read the brief rules pdfs.

The two "MAIN" formats we have are Standard MECCG, and Dreamcards. These are much akin to the Magic the Gathering Days of Type I and Type II (or Standard) but in reverse order where:

Dreamcards are Vintage (aka old school Type I) and
Standard MECCG is Standard (aka old school Type II)

Why I am relatiing these like that is because the card pool is Larger when using Dreamcards (especailly in Digital Format) and Standard is smaller. And in the Dreamcards there is more variation in what can be played and sometimes a stronger card can appear only because of the expansion...

You probably aren't playing Agents correctly 8) <- need a rule thread for this tho...

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