Suggestions on NW, UP "DC" cards

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Suggestions on NW, UP "DC" cards

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Hero Hyvät Kalat - I agree an effect vs Witch King only is of little interest.
DC Special: After playing the Lossoth faction successfully here, you may place it with the site: the site never leaves active play and if your opponent is a minion player, unless Doors of Night is in play he must discard his cards face-up. If Gates of Morning is in play, this site is considered a port.

Why is there a problem having Lossoth as non Unique in a NW context ?

Minion Eldanar suggestion:
Special: You receive 2 mp if you have a unique faction in play at this site (4 mp while Reunited Kingdom is in play by an opponent).

Morkai : use original art for minion ?

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