Arda Hero / Minion

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Arda Hero / Minion

Post by Darksatin » Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:36 pm

Since Arda is a multiplayer game format, it could be possible to play with 2 hero players, and 2 minion players.
This requires a lot of cards : a complete Arda Hero game, and a complete Arda Minion game.
The hero players use only the cards of the Arda Hero game, the minion players use only the cards of the Arda Minion game.
But you must put the hazards of the Arda Hero Game in the Arda Minion Game, and vice-versa ; you must have also the same number of resource cards in the two Ardas.
Follow the Arda rules and the Pair Tournament rules...
The playing partner may play 1 ressource card per turn (not a resource MP card), as if it is coming from the
hand of the active player.
The not-direct opponent may play hazard cards during the movement/hazard phase, if the direct opponent doesn´t want/cannot play any more and the hazard limit is still not met. Passing the play of hazards to your partner costs one against the hazard limit.
The playing partners must have together 40 MPs to call the council.

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