ARDA Sample Deck without Rares

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ARDA Sample Deck without Rares

Post by thorondor »

i was asked a few deck if tehre is any ARDA sample deck. while it is very easy to build one (especially when following the guidelines in the Arda Rules), i have put together a list of cards.
some notes:
- this list comes without rares, so inexperienced players with a small card pool may start with it as well. you can always add some rares after a few games to spice it up.
- for the same reason, its mostly The Wizards and The Dragons, a few cards from Dark Minion.
- mostly it it 1 of each unique card and 3 of each non-unique. with a few exceptions. you want to play a lot with rings. so there are more Golden Rings and testing cards. i have also added some more Doors of Night/Gates of Morning cards and Twilight.

any ideas? any comments?

and i kept it bilingual (also in german), since there are many german speaking ARDA players.
Arda Sample Deck_no rares.xls
ARDA Sample Deck without Rares
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Re: ARDA Sample Deck without Rares

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Thank you for putting this together. I have a friend who likes MECCG but doesn't have his own cards, and this looks like an affordable way for us to both get more playing time.
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