DC events at LURE XI

The largest MECCG convention worldwide, located at an atmospheric castle in the heart of Europe. No important tournaments or championships are played at the Lure. Instead innovative ways to play our game are offered.
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Vastor Peredhil
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DC events at LURE XI

Post by Vastor Peredhil » Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:57 am

Hello all,

this years DC events where the greatest we had so far, DCGO drew 14(15) players, DCCD drew 12 players, and both tourneys where finished with 12 players even in the last rounds starting early this year around 12.30 am ;)

Friday's DC GO
We had several players join this year using one of my many DCCDs again, we had four 1st timers, in Eero, Miiko(who share a deck and played 1 round each, pussy skipped the last round)

1st) 14 TP Holger Fischer (Galadriel Elf-lord) :)
2nd) 12 TP Eric Dane (Galadriel Elf-lord) :)
3rd) 12 TP Michel Schelfhout (Elrond Elf-lord)
4th) 10 TP Frank Stassin (Thorin Dwarf-lord) :)
5th) 10 TP Nicolai Willinek (Elessar Dunadan-lord)
6th) 10 TP Dominik Kempf (DCCD Thorin Dwarf-lord)
7th) 10 TP Mario Nau Theißen (Itangast Dragon-lord)
8th) 10 TP Bert Classen (DCCD Daelomin Dragon-lord)
9th) 9 TP Dominique Bergeret (Fallen Radagast)
10th) 7 TP Karsten Gerland (Fallen Pallando) edited had it wrong ;)
11th) 7 TP Jordy de Mul (DCCD Gandalf) Rooky of the Event
12th) 4 TP Eero/Miiko (DCCD Minion - Avatar-less - A Few Trusty Lads)
13th) 3 TP Oliver Miler (DCCD Elrond Elf-lord)
14th) 0 TP Björn de Mul (DCCD Minion - RW - Witchking)

I would like all DCGO players to post their deck list & or tourney reports in here !

Thanks to Michel and his playgroup to increase our numbers big time
all participants will be granted a DC promo on GCCG as for all DC events played on this planet :)

DCCD will follow soon (seems I am missing my tourney sheets, but I find them sooner or later)

1st) 16 TP Franck Stassin (Balrog Felagrog) :)
2nd) 16 TP Eric Dane (Smaug?) :)
3rd) 11 TP Markus Wähner (?)
4th) 10 TP Holger fischer (?=) :)
5th) 10 TP Wolli Vogt (Dunadan-lord Imrahil)
6th) 9 TP Miguel Delgado (FW - Saruman) :)
7th) 8 TP Nicolai Willinek (Minion - Necromancer)
8th) 8 TP Oliver Miler (Gandalf)
9th) 7 TP Martin Fuchs (Elf-lord Cirdan)
10th) 6 TP Mario Nau-theissen (Dwarf-lord)
11th) 5 TP Peter Manhard (Elf-lord Galadriel)
12th 4 TP Karsten Gerland (RW - Adunaphel)

yours Nicolai
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Re: DC events at LURE XI

Post by Shapeshifter » Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:34 pm

I played Fallen Pallando with Bad Company squatting at Goblin-gate and not Balin Dwarf-lord, but doesn't matter that much as I utterly failed due to a really bad constructed hazard deck vs Hero/Fallen/Lords, half of my hazards were playable against minion only. Should have read the card texts before :) . My animal hazards vs minion rocked very much, though, and gave me 6 of my total 7 TP.
Well, I must admit that I would have had no chance to win against Michel even with a better hazard deck as he smashed my company completely with his orc-hazards.

Here is the resource portion of my deck:

# Dual Resource (2)

1 Anguirel (NW)
1 Durang (DF)

# Hero Resource (1)

1 The Wind Is Turning (WOTR)

# Minion Character (6)

1 Baduila (DM)
2 Goblin-miner (NE)
1 Orc Archer (NE)
1 Orc Grunt (NE)
1 Orc Tracker (LE)

# Minion Resource (26)

1 Army of Bats (GW)
1 Awaiting the Call (LE)
1 Blasting Fire (WH)
2 Dark Tryst (AS)
1 Dwarf-chopper (DF)
1 Elfhewer (GW)
1 Great Bats (AS)
1 High Helm (LE)
2 Liquid Fire (WH)
1 Marauding Band of Orcs (NE)
2 Records Unread (AS)
1 Snaga-hai (LE)
1 Swarm of Bats (LE)
2 The Goblins Are upon You! (NE)
2 Voices of Malice (LE)
1 War-wolf (LE)
2 We Are Fighting Uruk-hai! (NE)
1 We Have Come to Kill (LE)
2 Weigh All Things to a Nicety (LE)

# Stage Resource (4)

1 Great Patron (WH)
3 Great Ruse (WH)


# Hero Character (2)

1 Peath (TW)
1 Vôteli (TW)

# Minion Character (8)

1 Doeth (Durthak) (WH)
1 Lagduf (LE)
1 Muzgash (LE)
1 Orc Captain (LE)
1 Shagrat (LE)
1 Uglúk (WH)
1 Ukôg the Lame (NE)
1 Virsh (NE)

# Minion Resource (2)

1 A Few Trusty Lads (NE)
2 Foul-smelling Paste (LE)

# Stage Resource (2)

1 Bad Company (WH)
1 Thrall of the Voice (WH)


# Dual Resource (3)

1 Engines of Defense (WOTR)
1 Much-trodden Paths (ROTS)
1 The Dunmen's Dogs (KN)

# Minion Resource (14)

1 Abduction (NE)
1 Burning Rick, Cot, and Tree (LE)
1 Crept Along Cleverly (WH)
1 Dark Forges (NE)
1 Dunlendings [M] (LE)
1 Goblins of Goblin-gate (LE)
1 Great Lord of Goblin-gate (AS)
1 Hillmen [M] (LE)
1 Poison (LE)
1 Snaga-hai (LE)
1 Stinker (LE)
1 Thing Stolen (LE)
1 Vile Fumes (WH)
1 War-wolf (LE)

# Stage Resource (1)

1 Legacy of Smiths (WH)

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Thorsten the Traveller
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Re: DC events at LURE XI

Post by Thorsten the Traveller » Sun Mar 06, 2011 6:52 pm

One might think a challenge deck never has a shot against a constructed deck (as it should be), but as results show, some dc experience is also important, Domse scored very good with Thorin (it's a miracle!), and Bert could have performed better with Daelomin (his siamese twin-pirate Marcos' deck) :D .

attached my deck vs minion. Not that I "dunked" or even came close (1 failed test for The One in 3 games), but it always pays to have a backup plan...

The Plan was vs. hero to draw companies to Lorien with Shifting Paths (hang around Lorien myself hoping minions would attack me), keep them there with Siege/Snow Storm/Song of the Lady, and then let Galadriel with The One do some influencing, Soul Piercing, or CvCC.

unfortunately I played 3x vs hero...
Lady Rules upon Arda [dcgo vs Minion].doc
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