Lure 12

The largest MECCG convention worldwide, located at an atmospheric castle in the heart of Europe. No important tournaments or championships are played at the Lure. Instead innovative ways to play our game are offered.
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Lure 12

Post by Jobsti »

Thanks all.
It was fantastic.
See you next year.

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Re: Lure 12

Post by Kosmo »

A small report...
My 2nd Lure in a row, my 4th time at Stahleck. Three days on site, with a half-day spent in Bacharach.

I played two tournaments, one Arda scenario game, and a couple of other games (LoTR LCG).
As I decided recently to buy sets beyond METD, I grabbed the opportunity to do a bit of trading.
I met some of the well known active players/traders from Germany and Spain.
Being able to meet face-to-face great people with a lot of experience in various fields (tourneys, rules knowledge) and with big cards collections
is definitely one of the main advantages!

The Lure is also the opportunity to meet all the active French speaking players from France and Belgium.
Total attendance for 2012: 10 players! With three players attending for the 1st time.
I decided to brought a home-made dessert to bind the community of French Hobbits :-)
One experienced player missing: Gollum51, stuck in the snowy mountains of France... Next year, we will try to raise the bar!

Note : despite Thorondor being ill and missing 60% of the event, everything ran almost as usual with several experienced players stepping up to do the mandatory stuff. Kudos to all of you!

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Re: Lure 12

Post by Mordan »


Here is my report.

It was my first time to the lure. My objective was to play decent in the GO tournament. For that purpose, i practiced a lot online using gccg. I'm thankful to all the players who helped me. I advice any MECCG player to go practice online, if only to read the cards and build decks. MECCG should played like talking sign languages. When you see a card, you should not have to read the text, i.e. the translation of the sign.


GO: Hero Alignement.

First round I faced Bert and FW Radagast. Wolfiegast I heard is the name of the deck. Except for a triple Unabated/Promptings, I didn't face much annoying hazards. But I did a few mistakes that cost me a turn or two. I managed to steal one TP by doing my preferred move and influencing away 6MPs. 1-5.

2nd round. My only game against a Minion player. A Balrog player who didn't know what was coming. My Minion Killer deck literally ate him alive. I killed most of his characters and wounded the Balrog. Landroval did an awesome job with the help of Itangast. My game did get noticed and some French players congratulated me on the atomisation of the Balrog. 6-0.

3rd round. Spanish Player. Marc Roca. FW Radagast squatters with Deep Mines MPs. He was supposed to do Ettenmoors Troll factions but as soon as I could with the help of an old friendship from way way way back, Pallando convinced the squatting Troll, Radagast was not worth his services. I made a big mistake that actually cost me the game I think. I played a minor item at ettenmoors and left the next turn. This meant I couldn't go back to influence Ioreth away and she continued to MT my events away. Yet another mistake, I didn't go for Lindion, which I should have for my big factions.

4th Round: Spanish Player Jose. FW Gandalf. First turn, Ioreth MT my Peril Returned when Earcaraxe was about to eat Gandlaf visiting the Isles of the Dead. That would have been a game changer. Gandalf got the Sapling and basically squat the rest of the game. If I had a DoN at that time, things would have been quite different. Same mistake as 3rd round. I didn't get Lindion and so I could not get my big factions. I did influence Faramir and Tom together. But he kept spamming Dwarves so that afterwards my influencing became totally ineffective. 2-4.

5th Round: Karlsten: Hero with big Dwarves and King Under the Mountains. Perfect game for me. Everything clicked and nothing clicked for him. I influenced him most of his points. Orcrist, Peath, and Dain II which I had in hand (from the pool when I saw him being played). He lost Thrain II when attempting to Kill Bairanax at Home, while I flied accross middle earth to influence big factions. He made a come-back with Glorfindel, Pallando and Tom Bombadil. But Too late. 36-17. 6-0.

Final 17Mp. I was happy. I wish I could have tested the Minion Killer on another Balrog though and I need to revise the way I deal with FW squatters.

Sunday, I played Pool Sealed. I actually got to understand some subtleties of this kind of game. Definitely fun.

Great event. I will come back next year. Big respect for the organizers.

Charles / Mordan

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Re: Lure 12

Post by Ringbearer »

Actually I didnt play wolfiegast but a version that moved, called the wolfshuffle.
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Re: Lure 12

Post by zirilan »

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Re: Lure 12

Post by Muad'Dib »

Thanks all of you, it was nice to see some of you again and other people first time.

I dont write any reports, too many events, too many games, i dont even remember some of them :P just only pity drinking game was again very short.

And of course it was great to meet Marcos in RL :) and also to see Wolfgang on saturday evening.

Hope to see all of you again in 2013.
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Re: Lure 12

Post by zirilan »

Lure XII - Drinking Game Report.pdf
12 drunkeys
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Re: Lure 12

Post by Taurelin »

And another report:

Lure 12 was my second time. And this year I didn't come alone, I brought with me my wife Silvia and our little daughters (5 and 8 years), who were eager to "spend a weekend in a REAL castle".

We arrived a little bit later on Fr afternoon, so we didn't take part in any events that day. We said hello to several players that I knew from last time, and in the evening I introduced my wife and Jobsti to the Arda-experience, which became our favourite activity for the whole wekend. Especially Silvia, who had been a bit sceptical about "just playing cards the whole day", got really into it and collected a respectable bunch of MPs on the Race to Mount Doom. In the meantime, our daughters haunted the castle together with Jobstis daughter and several other kids, so there was not a single minute of boredom at all.

The only tournament I took part in was the Cool Play tourney run by Alex on Saturday evening. This time my goal was not to come in last (as I did in 2011), and so I had brought a deck that ran a bit more smoothly than the last one (at least, that's what I thought). I included the unsusually large number of 3 different scenarios, but since all of them were relatively easy (only worth 1 point each) and there were even overlaps in the cards needed, it didn't seem too unrealistic. They were:
- Alatar on the Hunt (with several combat enhancers and Aware of their Ways as a synergistic hazard card)
- Gondor has no King (Boromir plants the White Tree)
- The Wizard's Pupil (Faramir uses Marvel's Told, Fireworks, and When you Know More)
The other resources were mainly gathered around Rohan and Minas Tirith, which included some more ways to get a few Cool Play points (Hama gives the Red Arrow to Theoden, Gamling faces 2 attacks around Rohan, Eomer's company plays When you know more etc). The hazard portion of the decks included a man-strategy (Rank upon Rank + Ambusher, Sellswords between Charters etc) along with a few singletons that give Cool Play points as well (Ent, Tom/Bert/William etc).

The first match was against Hans-Werner. Here I was able to decimate his dwarven company entering Moria, so he had some difficulties recovering. In the end, he had more MPs than me, but because I collected a whole bunch of Cool Play points and also fulfilled the Boromir-scenario, I ended up with more TPs than him. A promising start.

In the second match I was paired against Marcos. Against such an experienced player with a fine-tuned deck, there is hardly any chance. And the fact that Alatar failed to kill The Mouth of Sauron (despite a Risky Blow AND The Old Thrush!!!) didn't help much, either. A landslide victory for Marcos.

In the last match I played against Franck. I was very proud that he included the Marvels of the Northern World scenario, which was my own invention. The fun of the game was ruined for me, however, when Alatar not only failed The Hunt for a wimpy Ambusher, but he even died due to a spectacular 11 on the constitution roll. 2nd turn! ... I never came back into the game. The only thing I could do was to keep playing, plant the White Tree and annoy Franck by killing several of his characters making him even lose his collected Dwarven Light-Stones.

In the end I achieved rank 9/12, which was okay regarding my plans, but with a little less of bad luck it might even have been a bit better. Anyway, it was still a lot of fun. And I simply love the spirit of this kind of scenario-tournament. Thanks to Alex for organizing the thing in such an entertaining and still professional way.

On Sunday we packed all our stuff, played some more casual Arda and finally headed home after lunch - a bit tired, but happy about a wonderful family-weekend together with a group of good friends.

A big hello and thanks to all the players we met. And an even bigger hello and thanks to Wolfgang, who not only did a perfect organization, but who even took the effort to travel those several hundred miles in spite of his sickness.

See you all next year!
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Re: Lure 12

Post by marcos »

Oh! i just realized some of the comments in this reports. I thank everybody who was there for such an amazing weekend.

Wether it was during the tournaments, or the trip to Bacharach with Bert and my girlfriend, playing Mythos with Mikko, boardgaming with Pawel, having some beers and trash talking with the spanish guys, everything was perfect. Of course meeting everyone in person was awesome and full of fun.

Hope to be there next year as well!

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