LURE 12 - DC events

The largest MECCG convention worldwide, located at an atmospheric castle in the heart of Europe. No important tournaments or championships are played at the Lure. Instead innovative ways to play our game are offered.
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LURE 12 - DC events

Post by Vastor Peredhil » Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:24 am

The DC events have had a rising list of participants over the years, sadly we been stagnant this year, but may our campaigning, was just too pale compared to Alex vegetable event ;)

So friday night was the DCGO event which this year only included 2 challenge decks, as Michel build several competitive decks which he handed out to players from his playgroup and Bert.
Also we finished 3 rounds of the event before 2 am in the morning which was like a 1st time ever occurance, so we only had 2 drops before last round and not close to half ;)

1. 21 TP - Karten Gerland aka beorning - Hero The One ring dunk (I hope he will post a deck list here!) :D
2. 16 TP - Bert Claessen aka Ringbearer - Dwarf-lord (Thorin if I recall correctly) Under-deeps :D
3. 13 TP - Frank Stassin aka Treebeard - Dunadan-lord - Prince Imrahil :D
4. 13 TP - Eric Dane aka adanedhel - Hero which on the side tries for the one ;) :D
5. 12 TP - Jordy de Mul - Minion (some info on the deck would be nice since it won 1st 2 rounds 6:0)
6. 8 TP - Michel aka Qapla - Balrog
7. 7 TP - Holger aka Luitprand - Dragon-lord Lomaw ;) :D
8. 7 TP - Mario aka balrog - Hero - One Ring (sadly only dunk in 1st round) :D
9. 3 TP - Nicolai aka Vaster - Uvatha DCCD :D
10. 2 TP - Björn de Mul - Dragon-lord Itangast
11. 4 TP - Dominique Bergeret - Dunadan-lord - Elessar (dropped after 2 rounds)
12. 0 TP - Paul van Hoorne - RW - Witchking DCCD (dropped after 2 rounds)

DCCD event Saturday
started over an hour too late as GO event was running it extra long ;=) due to the late start and the competition from the CP event we had only 10 players ;) hopefully we get some players with a vegetable allergy back next year ;)

1. 9 TP - Dominic Kempf aka Domse - FW - Pallando (was the hardest deck we handed out this year!) :D
2. 8 TP - Mario aka balrog - Daelomin (build by marcos tuned to include redone cards) :D
3. 8 TP - Jose aka Josesan - Avatarless hero - Tears of Ladnoca (build by donepi)
4. 6 TP - Eric aka adanedhel - RW Adunaphel (new deck build by Eric) :D
5. 6 TP - Johan aka Johanc - Avatarless hero - Heirs of Girion (new deck co-opp) :D
6. 6 TP - Holger aka Luitprand - FW - Alatar - Ironsfists (new deck build by Nicolai) :D
7. 6 TP - Miguel aka Mados - AL- Théoden (still a hard deck) :D
8. 5 TP - Nicola aka Vastor - RW - Hoarmurath (tied domse 1st round) :D
9. 4 TP - Alain Hero - Gandalf
10. 2 TP - Karsten aka beorning - RW - Dwar (new deck, performed worse then hoped for) :D

as always the winners of these 2 events will receive an online DC set on GCCG and all participant will receive a DC promo online as well
hope to see you all next year, and to read your tourney reports in here, and bring some friends ;)

yours Nicolai
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DCGO 2012 winning deck

Post by Shapeshifter » Mon Mar 12, 2012 7:46 pm

Vastor Peredhil wrote: 1. 21 TP - Karsten Gerland aka beorning - Hero The One ring dunk (I hope he will post a deck list here!)
Ok, here is the deck I played vs Minion (due to the cross-alignment rule I only played vs. Minion):


Starting Company
Radagast w/ Cram
Cirdan w/ Dagger of Westernesse

Characters in deck
Fram Framson
Gildor Inglorion

Resource deck
3 Dire Negotiations
1 Value Food and Cheer
1 Flight Unmarked
1 Helecthil, Light of the North
1 Rings of Power
1 Get You Gone
3 Longbottom Leaf
3 Flatter a Foe
1 The Wind is Turning
2 Marvels Told
3 Precious Gold Ring
1 Far-sight
3 Token of Goodwill
3 A Chance Meeting
1 Scroll of Isildur [H]
2 And Forth He Hastened

Hazard deck
1 Frightful Guardian
1 Eagles Ahunt
1 Courtesy Lessened of Late
1 His Own Master
1 Dwarven Warparty
1 Thrice Told Tales
1 Out of Practise
1 Lord of the Woods
1 Goldberry, Daughter of the River
1 Evenstar of Her People
1 Assassin
1 Pukel-men
2 Foolish Words
2 Unabated in Malice
2 Tidings of Bold Spies
1 Sellswords Between Charters
1 Twilight
1 Stirring Bones
1 Lady of the Golden Wood
1 Landroval
2 Cave-drake
1 Ûvatha the Horseman
1 Waiting Shadow
1 Cave Worm
1 Mouth of Sauron
1 The Sun Shone Fiercely

1 The One Ring
1 Cracks of Doom
3 Wizard's Test
2 Old Friendship
1 Lure of MECCG (+9 on corruption check!)
1 Linyuile
1 Lossidil
1 Tom Bombadil
1 Light and Flame
1 The Wind is Turning
1 Marvels Told
1 Flight Unmarked
1 Shimmer of Hope
1 Vanishment
1 Rings of Power
1 Withdrawn to Mordor
1 Smoke Rings
1 And Forth He Hastened
1 Many Burdens
1 Stench of Mordor
1 The Way is Shut
1 Troll-purse
1 Covetous Thoughts
1 Trouble on All Borders
1 Alone and Unadvised
1 The Oldest
1 Capricious Spirit

Important Sites
Gondring's Lair
Malgolodh's Cave
Eithel Morgoth
The Under-Forges

Dream Card Percentage = 32 %

Some comments on the deck:
This deck usually dunks in 3 or 4 turns.
To start with your Avatar is extremely strong. Radagast is insanely good protected with 3 Flatter a Foe, 3 Dire Negotiations and 2 And Forth He Hastened.
Ok, the downside of starting your avatar is that you cannot play many characters from the beginning, but this can be easily compensated with those 3 A Chance Meeting in the deck. A bit laughable IMO is that you can play the Scroll normally at the site where you are going to dunk (i.e. The Under-forges).

An example play:
1st round: Radagast moves to Gondring's Lair to play a Gold Ring. He either meets another character from the deck in Rivendell or there will be a chance meeting at Gondring's Lair otherwise. Cirdan moves to Telpemar to get something helpful out of the deck (Scroll, Rings, ...) with Tokens of Goodwill or Far-sight.
2nd round: Ragagast's company moves to Malgolodh's Cave to play another Gold Ring (A Chance Meeting with Frodo). Cirdan receives a Token of Goodwill or looks far ahead.
3rd round: With a Flight Unmarked Radagast's company travels to The Under-forges to play the Scroll of Isildur, test the rings and finally dunk with the help of Lure of MECCG or Old Friendship.
- The End -

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Re: LURE 12 - DC events

Post by Darksatin » Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:03 pm

Vastor Peredhil wrote: 5. 12 TP - Jordy de Mul - Minion (some info on the deck would be nice since it won 1st 2 rounds 6:0)
It was a Witch-king of Angmar deck.

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