Lure XIII - Reports

The largest MECCG convention worldwide, located at an atmospheric castle in the heart of Europe. No important tournaments or championships are played at the Lure. Instead innovative ways to play our game are offered.
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Lure XIII - Reports

Post by zirilan » Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:34 am

Hello fellow Lure-addicts,

time to collect your impressions of this years Lure event.
Tell us about your Lure experience and the tournaments you played:

Image Minion Cool Play Challenge Deck Tournament

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Re: Lure XIII - Reports

Post by Taurelin » Wed Mar 06, 2013 7:27 am

My family and I had a wonderful weekend at the LURE, even though we had to leave a bit earlier than expected (my little daughter got sick). We played countless rounds of ARDA, and this time we also explored the surroundings of the castle (fantastic weather on Saturday).

I also joined the Hero Cool Play tournament on Saturday evening. My deck was almost exactly the same as last time: Alatar (+Pallando as plan B) with the Faramir and Boromir scenarios, several cool plays in Rohan, and a Rank upon Rank centered hazard portion. I played a very close 7:6 vs Thomas, was utterly devastated (X:1) by Bernd, and won against Markus in the last round even though it was almost a mirror-match. So I came in 5/10, which I'm completely happy about.

Honorable mentions:
- Faramir dies first turn... AGAIN!
- Pallando's company survives an attack of Itangast with Pallando even remaining unwounded!
- Halbarad accompanies Pallando to the Easterling Camp, becomes bored, returns to Lorien ALONE and then dies vs the auto-attack at Dimril Dale (1 orc @6).

All in all, it was a fantastic meeting like always. A big "hello" to all gamers, and thanks to Wolfgang for the organisation!
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Re: Lure XIII - Reports

Post by zirilan » Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:59 pm

Lure XIII - Hero Cool Play Tournament Report

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Re: Lure XIII - Reports

Post by zirilan » Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:23 pm

:shock: I didn't know Uli and me were the only people at Lure this year :?:
Nobody got anything to say about the event ... that is sad folks, really sad.

i gwanunig
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Re: Lure XIII - Reports

Post by i gwanunig » Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:24 pm

I guess we are all too busy to prepare vor NatsCup ;.)
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Re: Lure XIII - Reports

Post by Alter Tuk » Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:54 pm

- Friday: arriving, sucked in Lidless Eye sealed, had beer till half past 5 in the morning.
- Saturday: 4 hours sleep, breakfast, general opponent: 1st game against Patric and his infamous Radagast weathertop-cheeze-around. Played Ren unleashed malady. Good kills on turn 1. Lured Rada out of the council (cc 8 ). 4:2 for me. 2nd game against my friend Pawel. First time real life play. I remember the days when he had hard times to beat me years ago but now I learn from him. The Ren Unleashed deck is actually his idea. But my Minion vs Minion sucked in MP. Clear win for him although i got Hoamurath out and he didnt had backup... So i got seated far behind in the tournament which lead me to Josesans girl friend Sarah. Pretty embarrassing. I killed all characters on the 2nd turn even though most of them were Hobbits (horror for malady-cvcc). No fun for her. She conceded after 15 minutes. Shame on me. But I had the honour to play MECCG with a girl. Thanks Sarah, thanks Lure! Due to heavy delay the tourny was downsized to 4 rounds (pity!) and in my last game I faced a nice guy from France or Belgium (very sorry that I forgot his name). He played Fallen Alatar and unfortunately he wasnt experienced enough to see the malady coming. The Orcs didnt get anything on the table but were tough enough not to die. In the end still another 6:0 for me and a very funny last turn. Some spectators can witness. He went to Zarak Dum to get at least anything out. I put Scorba at Home on guard. Alatar enters alone and I thought into the bargain I get even a shot on his wizard. But no, he killed that fucking bastard! A pity that Scorba roused was the faction he actually wanted to play on this turn.... 17 TP, 3rd place. I wish there had been a 5th round. :(
In the evening I played board games with very nice guys. Space Alert is a funny thing to play with a round of people who are all non-native english speakers. And Avalon is a definate recommendation for a bigger play round looking for an easy step-in and addictive game. Im going to make a Lord of the Rings version out of MECCG cards. In the end it was another night of heavy beer drinking until half past 5 in the morning. Sorry room mates...!
- Sunday: Some more rounds of Avalon with old and new friends from the Netherlands, one round of teaching a boardgame group of Germany how to really play Grimoria ;P, nice chatting and another painful farewell from the ancient castle Stahleck.
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Re: Lure XIII - Reports

Post by marcos » Sat Mar 30, 2013 3:31 am

the guy you played last round was Ernst from France. He hosted me in Paris for a few days after lure. Indeed he is a nice guy, and i must thank him and his family for allowing me to stay at his home. And of course thanks as well to Pawel and his GF's family too for hosting me at Warsaw, and Heiner for the games and beers in Cologne. You guys made my time in Europe so awesome.

As for the games at Lure...
Friday afternoon, started by playing hero 1-deck. I decided to play Manuel's Eriador express because it was the only hero deck i had that was fast enough to be competitive in 1-deck, and it turned to be quite impressive.
Round 1 vs Wiet, i called in 2 turns some rivers stopped him in his last turn, and his second turn lost elrond because of a big corruption check from vilya so 6-0 for me.
Round 2 vs Heiner who was 100% sure that was going to win the tournament as usual :P, well not this time my friend. I knew this game was gonna be hard from the begining since we bounced some characters during the draft, so i had to pull off an alternative start. I wounded some of his characters preventing him from playing resources and since i couldnt kill them he wasn't able to play more backup characters. I called with just a little bit more than 20 MPs making it a 4-2
Round 3 vs Patric Laxander. Yet another tough opponent. The game turned out to be more or less similar than the previous round with the exception that we didn't bounce characters during the draft and i got to kill some of his characters in the last round. So it was a 6-0 for me and my first tournament win at the Lure.
Friday evening, played minion cool play with the Witchking deck. I must say that the resource part was balanced, but hazards were quite damn good so i didn't have much problem to win this tournament. Since i could score so much CPs it was easy to get a lot of TPs (more than 20 after 2 rounds!!!). Round 1 I faced Charles, he played with the Uvatha deck, round 2 vs Bernd with Dwar deck, and round 3 vs Wolfgang with Adunaphel's deck.

Saturday, general opponent. I played a hog deck with maps near rohan vs Hero/FW and vs minion i played a beefy company with a lot of cancellers in the eriador area with big factions.
Round 1 vs Thomas. He played a gondor deck with aragorn and arwen. I had some good dices and got to kill an elflord, he had some troubles with cvcc and lost in free domains and such, so in the end was a 6-0 for me.
Round 2 vs Jose. He played a FW deck (cant remember if Alatar or Radagast) with short rests. Jose started quite well but sometime during the game the tide turned into my favor. I realized that he had only 1 ally on a dwarf character so i sideboarded the arkenstone, and focused on getting my own allies into play. In the last turn i forced the discard of gulla with tom bomb so i doubled allies and was a 5-1 for me.
Round 3 vs Charles. He played the characterless deck that focus on thin the deck out and try to kill your characters so you have to be fast enough to get MPs and call before that happens, I could have killed his wizard in cvcc but i missed the body check. I was about to call when i lost buthrakaur with a map and an ally if i recall correct so i couldn't. I kept playing safe until we heard bert calling "15 minutes left" so we played a few more rounds until the time was about to be over, then we heard Bert calling "30 minutes left" and we were like WTF!? It was funny that both of us heard wrong in the first time so we made some decisions that would have changed the game considerably, so i told Charles it was his call to keep playing or not since it was his last turn, and he decided to call it. It was a weird 4-2 for me.
Round 4 vs Antonio. He played mordor shuffle. His deck worked quite well and fast so it wasn't hard for him to get 28 MPs and call quite ahead of me. Lucky for me he only had 1 faction which was the orcs of dol guldur, and i had 2 big factions in hand. So the idea was to influence the orcs away and play the 2 big factions in my last turn which would be 16 MPs. Quite a greedy play because i had to make 3 influence attempts and only had 2 threats, so i decided to use the first threat to influence the orcs away, which i did successfully. Then used the second threat to influence the ice orcs at cairn lossadan. And then i needed a 9 to bring the hillmens into play, so i told Antonio "ok, i need this 9" as i rolled my dices, and boom! it was an 11! So in the end i doubled 3 big factions and won 4-2.

By that time i was leading the tourney with 19 TPs and 4 wins, but Patric also had 19TPs and asked me to play a finale match which of course i couldn't say no.
Finale vs Patric. As Martin said, he played his wolfiegast deck with elflords and maias. So i had to be careful on the sites i was going to move because of the chilled elflords. Luckily i could avoid the elves, but i couldnt avoid Saruman. That sucker didnt kill me any character but it was good enough to delay me while Patric was playing his stuff without much problem. He kept recycling Saruman and tapping me out, so in the end it was a 4-2 win for Patric. Even though i didn't win the general opponent i was quite happy with my performance because i knew that i could have won it if i would have refused the "final game" but it was also very nice to face a strong opponent like Patric whom i never faced in a 2-deck game before.

In the evening/night, i was one of those nice guys that Martin mentions in his post above :P So i also played Space Alert and Avalon untill 5am.

On sunday i started playing the mixed hero sealed but i had to drop during the third round because the french guys were leaving and i would otherwise missed the train. Anyways Pawel owned that tournament with 12 tps after 2 rounds i knew he was going to win.

That was it for my second time at Lure, not bad at all: won 2 tournaments and got second place at General opponent. I hope to be able to come year after year, for me it is really special coming from so far away and meet with all this excellent people makes me really happy.

Hope to see you guys next year.

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